Matt Hughes kids

The count of Matt Hughes kids may increase since he has three kids with Audra Moore and a few others from different, unknown past relationships.

Matthew Allen Hughes is an American retired mixed martial arts fighter and nine-time UFC welterweight champion. Hughes was considered the world’s No. 1 pound-for-pound MMA artist during his reign.

Matt is still considered one of the finest and greatest welterweight fighters. With the skill set Allen had, he displayed quality art inside the ring, winning against some of the finest Brazilian jiu-jitsu practitioners.

Unlike other MMA fighters, Matthew never had an official nickname, but people often refer to him as “The Gracie Killer.” 

Hughes’s career was astonishing, and on May 28, 2010, the killer was even inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

Allen married Audra after a long-term relationship. When I look into the analytics for Matt Hughes children, it says he and his wife Audra have two children.

In the case of Matt Hughes’ children, it was also discovered that Audra has a son from a previous relationship, yet the two are still a unit.

The Gracie Killer of MMA is an alleged word-of-mouth domestic violator, as reported by his twin brother and wife herself. And for other reasons, he is considered the most controversial fighter the UFC has ever seen.

The Family Of The Gracie Killer: Matt Hughe’s Parents

Matthew was born to American parents on October 13, 1973, in Hillsboro, Illinois. It is well known that Hughes’s family background isn’t good at all, and he seems to glorify his unhealthy relationship with his family.

The UFC beast grew in the labor-intensive setting of an Illinois cattle farm. In his biography, he said his father was a traditionalist who believed in harsh discipline and often scolded them for their actions.

He wasn’t the only child of his parents; he had a sister, Beth, and a twin brother, Mark, a UFC fighter.

Matt Hughes kids
Mark And Matt Hughes With A Common Friend Jones. (Source: Sherdog)

The autobiography of the Gracie killer mentioned that while growing up on the farm, the twin brother’s “mischief” was like breaking things all the time. 

Being disobedient to their parents and cruel to animals was funny, and he liked doing that.

Matt described how once their dad scolded Mark for driving without a helmet, then the Hughes brothers physically attacked their father and beat him badly.

Mark even threatened to throw his mom out of a window or something like that when she was stupid enough to correct him. Unsurprisingly, the family broke up because of whatever other internal conflict existed.

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Matt Hughes Kids With Wife Audra Moore: Hannah Katelyn And Joey Hughes

The Gracie Killer is said to have had several previous relationships, each with a few children. But no information about Matt Hughes kids or exes has been revealed.

Later in July 2004, Allen tied the nuptial knot with Audra Moore, an American lady, but according to sources, it was found that the relationship wasn’t on good terms.

Audra filed a domestic violence case against Matt, and he faced several legal actions, but their relationship is stable now, and the family lives together. And the couple, the fighter, and Audra, are proud parents of three kids.

Matt Hughes kids are more important to him than being an MMA champion. The nine-time champion often admits that even his victories and success can’t match the happiness his kids and family give him.

By “family,” it means Matt Hughes kids and his wife because he separated from his parents long ago, and even his relationship with Mark, his twin brother, is not that good.

Matt Hughes kids
Matt Hughes With Audra And Two Daughters in St. John’s To Honor Nurses for Care Provided To Matt. (Source: myradiolink)

Matt Hughes kids: two biological daughters, Hannah and Katelyn, and a half-son from Adura Moore’s past relationship named Joey Hughes.

No further details about Matt Hughes, his Kids and his wife have been discovered since the fighter keeps his personal life out of the public eye. However, because of his controversial actions and statements, people are interested in learning the latest update about him.

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How Much Does Matthew Allen Hughes Earn? Net Worth Updated

As a UFC fighter, Hughes earned fame, success, and money. He debuted in MMA fighting in 1998, and there was no looking back. As of January 20, 2023, Matt Hughes has an estimated net worth of $8 million.

Born in Hillsboro, Illinois, Matt Hughes played football and wrestled throughout high school. The twin brothers loved fighting, and as a high school wrestler, Matthew won multiple championships, and in college at Eastern Illinois University, he was an NCAA Division I wrestler.

Matt Hughes kids
Matt Hughes Posing With His Hummer H2 And Custom Harley-Davidson. (Source: Caradisiac)

Matt had his opponent on the ground and knocked him out in under fifteen seconds when he made his MMA debut.

His trademark maneuver was the slam. And after his professional debut in the UFC, his salary and assets peaked.

To date, Hughes holds many trophies, belts, and championships. He currently has the most UFC wins of any fighter to date, and no one has ever surpassed his record of 18.

Primarily, his fighting career earned him millions, and even after retiring in 2013, he has begun his coaching career, and money has never left his side. 

Now the evergreen MMA artist lives a wealthy life with his family.

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