There have been some rumors with the tag ‘Mason Ramsey Murder’ revolving around the Internet for a while now. This article will debunk every single one as we discuss the young singer’s present whereabouts.

In March 2018, after his viral Walmart yodeling video, Ramsey signed with Big Loud and gained popularity with his single “Famous.” Still, he went on a break from his musical career a year ago, raising fan questions.

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Mason Ramsey Murder: Is He In Jail? Homicide Rumors: Real or Fake

No, Mason Ramsey is not in jail, and he is not a murderer. The young prodigy yodeler is not related to any homicide case, and the Mason Ramsey murder hoax was born through an utterly irrelevant post that got viral on Twitter. 

The incident at hand revolves around a screenshot shared by the satirical news site Huzlers, claiming that an 11-year-old black boy was arrested for yodeling in 2018.

However, The image in the screenshot comes from the police mugshot of Jarrell Milton, who was arrested in connection with a homicide case in Omaha, Nebraska, back in 2015. 

Jarrell Milton, who was just 12 years old then, faced charges of criminal conspiracy and using a weapon to commit a felony. 

Instead of being put behind bars, Jarrell was placed on open-ended probation and sent to Boys Town, a treatment facility in Nebraska that offers support to young individuals with behavioral issues.

Mason Ramsey Murder
Addressing Mason Ramsey Murder Rumors | He is not related to any homicide (Source: MMM)

The misleading screenshot made its way onto Twitter, where a user compared the successful yodeling journey of Mason Ramsey with the false claim of the black boy’s arrest. 

Despite the clarification, some individuals still believed the misinformation and expressed their outrage, perceiving it as a case of discrimination. 

One significant misunderstanding revolved around the misidentification of the talented 16-year-old (now) singer Mason Ramsey as a murderer. The topic got reignited when a user recently posted this tweet:

The Twitter Post which ignited Mason Ramsey Murder Hoax (Source: Twitter)

The false narrative began when a Twitter user sarcastically claimed that Mason Ramsey went on a killing spree and was currently serving time in jail. 

The post received backlash, with users criticizing the spread of false information and urging others to fact-check before sharing.

Readers promptly clarified that the tweet was intended as satire and emphasized that Mason Ramsey had no involvement in criminal activities. 

Despite these efforts, some individuals stubbornly clung to the false narrative, highlighting the pressing need for critical thinking and fact verification. 

Mason Ramsey Parents And Present Whereabouts

Mason Ramsey’s parents live a relatively low-profile life for the young superstar. While his family occasionally appears on his Instagram posts and stories, little information about their personal life is available. 

In March 2018, the Internet was captivated by the extraordinary talent of 11-year-old Mason Ramsey, whose heartwarming rendition of “Lovesick Blues” in a Walmart store garnered over 25 million views. 

Riding the wave of his viral success, Ramsey made unforgettable appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and even graced the stage at Coachella, solidifying his newfound celebrity status. 

Mason Ramsey Present
Mason Ramsey was working on Subway during his break from music career but now he’s back (Source: Pop Crush)

He inked a record deal with Atlantic Records and Big Loud, paving the way for his debut single, “Famous,” to make a respectable entry at number 62 on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Likewise, Mason was on a hiatus from his musical career until a few days ago (because of his school), but he is currently working on his upcoming music. He even shared some sneak peeks on his recent Instagram post.

The young musician has seen everything, from singing in a Walmart to working in a Subway part-time and gaining a million fan-following on his Instagram and YouTube Channel. 

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