Mary Jane Kelly Crime Scene Photos

Are Mary Jane Kelly crime scene photos available on the internet? She is the last known victim of the infamous unidentified serial killer, Jack the Ripper.

Mary Jane Kelly believed to be the fifth and final victim of the unidentified serial killer Jack the Ripper, was a prostitute.

Her brutal murder occurred in her room at 13 Miller’s Court, Spitalfields, on November 9, 1888, and it was the most gruesome of all the Ripper’s known killings.

Born in Limerick, Ireland, Kelly moved to Wales with her family during her childhood.

She married a miner named Davies at 16, but tragically, he lost his life in a mining accident a few years later.

Subsequently, Kelly relocated to London, where she turned to prostitution.

During her demise, Kelly was living in extreme poverty, battling chronic alcoholism, and grappling with a laudanum addiction.

Her violent tendencies had resulted in multiple arrests for altercations.

On the night of her murder, Kelly was spotted frequenting various pubs in the Spitalfields vicinity, with her last confirmed on November 9, 1888.

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Mary Jane Kelly Crime Scene Photos

These are some of the most renowned photographs taken at the crime scene of the Jack the Ripper murders.

They depict the discovery of Mary Jane Kelly, the Ripper’s fifth and final victim, in her room at 13 Miller’s Court on November 9, 1888.

These images are highly explicit and deeply unsettling, offering a glimpse into the sheer brutality of the Ripper’s actions.

Mary Jane Kelly Crime Scene Photos
Mary Jane Kelly crime scene photos are highly explicit and deeply unsettling (Source: Thelittlehouse)

Kelly’s body had been subjected to mutilation, unlike in any of the previous Ripper cases.

Constable George Godley, the police photographer, was responsible for capturing these photographs.

While they were employed as evidence during the Ripper investigation, they were never made available to the public.

Nevertheless, they have since become widely disseminated and are now among the most iconic visual records of the Victorian era.

The crime scene photographs featuring Mary Jane Kelly are a stark reminder of the sheer brutality of the Jack the Ripper murders.

They also stand as a testament to the enduring enigma that has captivated people for over 130 years.

Mary Jane Kelly Injuries And Murder

Mary Jane Kelly’s injuries were the most severe of all the Jack the Ripper victims.

She had been subjected to a brutal & sustained attack that resulted in her death.

Her body was discovered in a shocking state. She lay naked on the bed, her shoulders flat but her body inclined to the left.

Mary’s head faced the left, and her left arm was bent at a right angle, lying across her abdomen.

The right arm, slightly away from her body, featured a bent elbow and clenched fingers.

Mary Jane Kelly Crime Scene Photos
Among all the victims of Jack the Ripper, Mary Jane Kelly suffered the most severe injuries (Source: Facebook)

Her legs were widely spread, with the left thigh forming a right angle to the trunk and the right thigh creating an obtuse angle with the pubis.

The entire surface of her abdomen and thighs had been removed, emptying her abdominal cavity of its organs.

Her breasts were severed, her arms bore jagged wounds, and her face was unrecognizably hacked, with cuts running in various directions affecting her nose, cheeks, eyebrows, and ears.

Similarly, her neck had been deeply cut down to the vertebrae, displaying signs of bruising on the front.

Both breasts had been partially or entirely removed, attached to the ribs by muscle.

The intercostal muscles between the fourth, fifth, and sixth ribs were cut through, revealing the thorax’s contents.

The left thigh lost skin, fascia, and muscles down to the knee. A long gash ran down her left calf from the knee to five inches above the ankle.

Her arms and forearms exhibited extensive jagged wounds.

Further examination uncovered that the right lung was minimally adherent due to old firm adhesions, with the lower part torn away.

Kelly’s injuries painted a disturbing picture of the brutality she suffered, adding to the enduring mystery of the Jack the Ripper case.

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