Martha Gill Parents

People want to learn about Journalist Martha Gill Parents and their origin.

If you guys are regular readers of The Guardian, The New States Man or The Evening Standard, you must have stumbled upon some excellent articles on Politics and Diplomacy from Martha Gill.

Martha Gill works as a Political Journalist and regularly writes flabbergasting and original articles on world politics and finances.

Martha Gill Parents: Where Are They From? 

Well, no one knows. British Journalist Martha has never revealed anything about her parents or their whereabouts.

However, if you’ve listened to Martha speak in some of her appearances on TV, you will notice that she has a very thick British Accent.

For instance, look at this YouTube video from CNN, where she speaks about the resignation of Borris Johnson from the post of British Prime Minister.

The strong accent proves that she has been living in Britain for a long time.

Thus, it can be assumed that Martha Gill’s parents are either from England, Scotland or Wales.

Marha Gill Family
Martha Gill’s Family | Brother Johny Gill, Uncle Scott Gill and Uncle-In-Law John Barrowman (Source: Instagram)

Maybe it’s just me, but Martha kind of looks like Emily Waltham from NBC Sitcom Friends in the above picture.

The other possible scenario would be her parents immigrating to England and raising their children there, but she has that beautiful British face that cannot be neglected.

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Martha Gill Family Explored

Political Journalist Martha Gill lives a very private life. Many people have confused Martha with being AA Gill’s daughter, but she is not.

Although both share the same surname and profession of Journalism, they are not related to each other.

Martha tweeted in June 2019 that she is not related to AA Gill. His daughter, Flora, replied to her tweet, ” Think, we should all unite to form super Gills.”

Martha had posted a photo of her when she was a toddler with a man helping her ride the pony, which one can assume is her Father.

Martha Gill Parents
People Want To Know Martha Gill’s parents (Source: Instagram)

Although there wasn’t much information on Martha Gill’s parents or siblings, it is confirmed that she is the niece of Scott Gill, a British Architect.

Scott Gill is also known for being the husband of John Barrowman, a Scottish-American Actor known for his role as Captain Jack Harness in “Doctor Who.”

Martha also has an elder sister named Mary Gill, who recently got married in June 2022. Additionally, she has an elder brother named Johny Gill.

Her grandparents’ names are Stirling Gill and Shelagh Gill, who appear quite often in her uncle Scott’s Instagram Feed.

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Martha Gill Net Worth

According to Glassdoor UK, Guardian News pays an average of £40,504/yr as base salary to its new team member. 

Martha has been writing for The Guardian News for almost a decade now. Her oldest visible article for the Guardian was published on August 13, 2013.

Since she has been working for the Guardian for such a long time, it’s evident that she makes more than £40,504 alone from writing political articles for The Guardian.

Martha Gill
Martha Gill, Writer for The Guardian (Source: Instagram)

She also works for other popular online magazines such as Observer, Times, Sunday Times, NYT, the Evening Standard, and the New Statesman.

Indeed, Gill’s writings for these publishers also add substantial wealth to her bank account. She had previously worked for Lobby and Times Leaders too.

Although there is no public information about her exact Net Worth, it can be estimated that she has a considerable fortune.

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