Mark Standen wikipedia

Mark Standen wikipedia is currently not available. Standen is a former Police officer and assistant director of NSWCC.

Mark Standen, a former New South Wales Crime Commission assistant director, was found guilty of planning to import and supply 300 kg of Pseudoephedrine in 2011.

Before serving as a director, Standen served in the position of Australian Federal Police and the Australian Customs Police.

Such behaviors and actions from a senior officer were unexpected, and the nation was shocked.

The ministries, authorities and police commissioner were shocked as they regarded Standen as a trustworthy and active senior officer.

Such an incident greatly impacted the country, and later, Mark Standen was sentenced to Prison for his unacceptable crime.

In detail, Let’s discuss Mark Standen, his family, his wife, and his drug smuggling case.

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Mark Standen Wikipedia And Age

Mark Standen is a former Police officer and the assistant director of NSWCC. He completed his education at St Patrick’s and joined the Australian Customs Service in 1975.

He was arrested for trying to import 300 kilograms of Pseudoephedrine. Pseudoephedrine is a drug that is mixed with other substances to form crystal methamphetamine.

Mark Standen wikipedia
Mark Standen was sentenced to 22 years in Prison. (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

It is illegal work, and Standen planned to import those materials from Pakistan.

Talking about his age, as per the source, Standen was 54 years old in 2011. So, now he is living in his 60s.

As per BBC, Standen used his inside information on law enforcement to commit unusual and illegal crimes.

Besides all, Standen was also accused of witness tampering in 2003. As per the source, he threatened the witnesses and made them decline to give evidence about an International drug lord and money launderer in the trial.

According to Sydney Criminal Lawyers, some evidence also suggests that Standen illegally obtained bribes for many years. 

For all of Standen’s crimes, he was sentenced to 22 years in Prison, of which 16 years will be non-parole.

Meet Mark Standen Wife Dianne Jalalaty

Many people might think about Dianne Jalalaty as the wife of Mark Standen. But in actuality, she was Standen’s friend, not his wife.

Talking about Dianne Jalalaty, she is a former federal agent. She was a long-time friend of Mark Standen.

Mark Standen wikipedia
Dianne Jalalaty was a federal police officer. (Source: The Sydney Morning Herald)

Dianne was the wife of Bill Jalalaty, who was a food wholesaler. She was the one who introduced her husband to Mark Standen.

Along with Standen, Bill was also involved in drug smuggling and convicted of importing Pseudoephedrine with Mark Standen.

As per the source, Dianne helped Mark and her husband in their multi-million dollar drug importation and later served six years in jail for the crime.

Mark Standen Family

Mark Standen is the husband of Lynn and the father of his four children. As per sources, the eldest son was in his 20s in 2011 during his father’s interrogation.

There is not much information revealed about Standen’s family. But, Standen’s crimes and violations of the laws created a big impact on his family.

It was a hard time for the family and the children as they found their father guilty of convicting such disloyal and illegitimate work.

Overall, Mark Standen’s case was unexpected as no one had thought of the commitment of such crimes by the senior officer. Mark is still in Prison, serving for years for his unusual deeds and crimes.

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