Marina Balmasheva

Marina is a Russian influencer and blogger. She is everywhere on web searches due to shocking news and motivation. Let’s know who is Marina Balmasheva Ex Husband and why she left him.

Balmasheva is a Russian weight-loss influencer who helps people lose weight by giving tips and ideas and sharing compelling exercise videos that help burn fats and lose weight.

She is famous for sharing tips and ideas to lose weight on Instagram, as she has half a million followers on Instagram. 

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Who Is Marina Balmasheva Ex Husband Alexey Shavyrin?

Marina is one of the influencers who got famous and searched in web searches because of some uncomfortable and shocking decisions she made.

Balmasheva was married to Alexey Shavyrin for ten years and parented six children. The couple had adopted five children’s together.

Marina Balmasheva
Marina and her ex-husband Alexey (Source: Dailymail)

Alexey and Marina divorced after being together for ten years after he learned that Marina was cheating on him with his son(her stepson).

Shavyrin said he would have forgiven her if she cheated on him with someone else. He even accused Marina of seducing their son Vladimir when he came home on holiday from University.

The ex-husband of Marina said that one night when he could not sleep, he heard Marina and his son having sex. After knowing he was being cheated on, he waited a couple of weeks to confront his wife.

Alexey, who got ditched by his wife Marina for his son, is currently taking care of five childrens they adopted together.

There is no information about what he does for a living and what he is doing after the pair divorces. 

Russian Weight Loss Influencer Married To Her Stepson Donald Vova

Balmasheva, 37 years old, divorced her husband Alexey and married her stepson Donald Valvo while he was only 23. Marina was pregnant with Valvo’s child when they married.

Donal and Marina are parents to one daughter, who is 20 months old, and are expected to have a second child soon. The name of their 20-month daughter is Olga.

Marina had known her new husband for 13 years and had seen him grow. In an Instagram post, she captioned a photo saying, “You never know how life will turn out and when you will meet a person who makes you smile.”

Marina Balmasheva
Marina and Vladimir are having a good time in Krasnodar. (Source: Instagram)

[calculate_years datestring=”00/00/1985″] year old who divorced her husband to marry their son shared that she underwent plastic surgery before giving birth to the second child. 

Vladimir, the second husband of Marina, was happy when they got the news of their second pregnancy, whereas Marina was tired but happy and a bit worried.

They signed an agreement before marrying, stating that if Vladimir divorced Marina, she would keep all the money and assets.

How Did Marina Loss Weight?

Russian influencer lost a whopping eight stones before divorcing her husband Alexey and getting pregnant by her stepson, whom she raised. She underwent surgery to get stones removed.

Balmasheva famous influencer on social media, went through a dramatic event and transformation before dumping her husband. She weighed a lot before turning her life around and becoming thin.

Marina Balmasheva
Marina Balmasheva compared her face before and after the weight loss.(Source: Instagram)

She mentioned she was not happy when she was heavy. She dedicated two years to weight loss. After successfully achieving the goal, when asked about her journey, she said, “last couple of years, she was only interested in food. I got fat and wanted to die of such life.”

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