Marie Moore Obituary

People are remembering the old case convicted by Marie, Marie Moore Obituary, and Death Cause.

Marie Moore is known for convicting brutal crimes against children. She was the first woman to receive a death sentence in New Jersey.

Marie Moore was a resident of Paterson, New Jersey, U.S. She lived with her daughter Tammy Moore, her daughter’s friend, Harriet Bayne and Marie’s old friend, Mary Gardullo.

In July or August 1981, three other childrens began visiting Marie’s house. They became close with Marie and used to call her Ma.

The childrens were Ricky Flores, Theresa Feury and Luis Mantalvo. But such a favorable environment soon became a nightmare for those innocent children.

Marie Morre told the children that her former husband, Billy Joel was a singer. She claimed that Billy was involved in Mafia and issued instructions and orders to children through Marie.

The innocent minors feared Billy, thinking he would hurt them and their family if they did not obey those orders.

But Billy was just a part of Marie’s tales. She began providing fictitious and weird instructions to children, She assigned one of those children, Ricky, to oversee the household discipline.

 When the children failed to perform those instructions, she beat and tortured them. Not only the children, she also harmed her old friend, Mary Gardullo.

Four children, including his daughter’s friend, Harriet, were manipulated and tortured. Marie changed Ricky psychologically and emotionally.

Ricky left his house, shifted to Marie’s house, and began punishing the childrens if they failed the task. 

With such violent behaviors, Marie killed the young soul, Theresa Feury. Later, Marie was charged with kidnapping, torturing, and sexually assaulting children.

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Dateline Marie Moore Obituary: Family Mourns The Loss

Marie Morre’s insanity and violent behaviors affected the life of four children, causing one child’s death. 

As per The Cinemaholic, for committing capital murder and assault, Marie was sentenced to death in November 1984. 

Marie Moore Obituary
Marie Moore has been presumed to be dead in prison. (Source: The Cinemaholic)

But the Supreme Court overturned the death sentence in October 1988. In July 1989 retrial, the murder charge was dropped, and she was sentenced to 135 years on charges of kidnapping and assaulting the minors.

As per the sources, Marie Moore has been presumed dead, as her name is absent from the prison roster.

Marie Moore Death Cause Linked To Murder

As Marie Moore served a long time in prison for committing those crimes, the further details regarding her are unknown.

Marie Moore Obituary
She was the first woman to charge with a death sentence in New Jersey. (Source: The Cinemaholic)

Marie is presumed to have died, and how she ended her life is unknown. However, he received a death sentence in 1988, but it was dropped to a 135 sentence in prison.

Moore’s wired and violent behaviors affected the life of those kids. After sentencing her to jail, no further details are known about her.

Murder of Theresa Feury 

Theresa Feury was just 12 years old. She was forced to follow the instructions with other children and received destructive punishments, physical abuse and distressing torture.

As per the sources, Marie did it by manipulating Ricky psychologically. She used Ricky to torture Theresa and other innocent minors.

Sadly, after living with such a horrific incident, Theresa’s body was found hidden on the walls of Marie’s residence. Her body was found on 22 December 1983.

Theresa was chained to a bathtub, and they hit her head on the tub, causing head injuries and the death of Feury.

Overall, Marie Moore was a big criminal who took the life of a young girl, Theresa. Her actions and behaviors affected the life of other innocent children.

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