Marie Amelie Le Fur Accident

This article will delve deep into Marie Amelie Le Fur accident which crippled the French Junior Running Champion but did not stop her from reaching heights in athletics.

Marie Amelie Le Fur is a three-times Paralympic athletics champion, sports representative on the French Economic, Social & Environmental Council and the President of the French Paralympic & Sports Committee.

Born on September 26, 1988, in Vendome, Centre Region, Marie is a French Paralympic athlete who has competed in T44 Sprint and F44 Long Jump Events and won several accolades and awards.

With four World Championships under her belt, including Doha 2015, Amelie has already won an impressive total of 12 medals, four of which are gold.

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Marie Amelie Le Fur Accident: What Happened To French Junior Running Champion?

At the age of six, Le Fur began her athletic journey, which took an unexpected turn when she was involved in a severe motorcycle accident on March 31, 2004.

Despite losing her left leg below the knee in the accident, Le Fur pursued her athletic aspirations. However, her path to recovery was arduous and demanding.

Notwithstanding Marie’s grave injuries in the motorcycle collision, her unwavering ardour for athletics persisted.

Merely four months after the mishap, on July 31, 2004, she brazenly surmounted the likelihood and recommenced her pursuit of running.

Seeking to overcome the tragedy of her motorcycle accident and rediscover a sense of normalcy, Marie promptly contacted the Handisport Federation.

Marie Amelie Le Fur Accident
Marie Amelie Le Fur Accident at the age of 15 didn’t stop her athleticism (Source: Wikipedia)

She aimed to reignite a sense of positivity within her family, and she hoped that athletic pursuits would provide the perfect outlet.

However, she initially hesitated to reconnect with her former sports comrades at the club, fearing that they would pass judgment on her due to the visible changes in her physical abilities.

Recognizing the limitations of her physical condition, Marie understood that she would not be able to compete at the same level as her former sports colleagues.

Journey From Junior Running Champion To Winning Paralympics Gold

After contemplating and addressing the bitter truth that her dream of becoming a professional firefighter had been thrashed apart, she started giving her 120% on athletics.

A mere 12 months after Marie Amelie Le Fur Accident, she had already firmly returned to the racetrack, propelled by a prosthetic limb.

She was actively readying herself for her inaugural appearance at the 2006 World Championships.

Following her transition to Paralympic athletics, Marie made a name for herself as a preeminent athlete, procuring multiple gold medals in a brief timeframe.

Marie Amelie Le Fur Accident
A holder of nine Paralympics gold medal Marie (Source: Actu)

Marie’s inauguration to the Paralympic arena reached a pinnacle at the 2012 London Paralympics, where she triumphantly clinched her first gold medal in the 100m event.

After taking on a consulting role with France Télévisions for the able-bodied European Championships, Marie-Amélie Le Fur returned to the track. It secured a new European title in the long jump event.

She continued to elevate her performance, culminating in attaining two more gold medals in the 400m and long jump events at the 2016 Rio Paralympics.

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Marie Amelie Le Fur is the president of the french Paralympics and sports committee

Marie-Amélie Le Fur was among the ambassadors chosen to support the Campaign against discrimination launched by Laura Flessel, the Minister of Sports, in 2018.

Later that year, on December 14, 2018, she was elected president of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee, succeeding Emmanuelle Assmann.

Marie’s credentials and contributions to sports were recognized in December 2015 when she was appointed co-president of the Paris 2024 Athletes’ Committee alongside Teddy Riner.

As part of her duties, she sits on the Board of Directors for the Public Interest Group “Paris 2024.”

Since 2008, Marie-Amélie Le Fur has been a vocal supporter of the Handivalides 30 Campaign, which focuses on promoting the integration of disabled students into campus life. 

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