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Magui Olave Marido: Is The Argentine Singer married to her lover Matias Suárez? Find out everything about their personal lives and relationship in this article!

Olave, a celebrated vocalist from Córdoba, Argentina, has firmly cemented her status as an exceptional talent within the nation.

She has attained an impressive trajectory in music and forged one of the most prominent lineages in the Argentine entertainment industry.

Additionally, the artist’s health struggles have often made headlines online. During an interview with Super Mañana on Radio Suquía, Olave divulged intricate details regarding her recent health ordeal.

Magui Olave Marido: Is She Married? 

Yes, Magui Olave is a married woman, not just an ordinary one! She is married to one of the well-known footballers in the Argentine Primera División, Matías Suárez, and they are blessed with two beautiful children.

Matías Suárez, a football prodigy, is hailed as an iconic figure by the devoted fans of Belgrano. He kickstarted his awe-inspiring journey in this team and left an indelible mark.

Suárez’s time in Europe proved to be a glorious chapter, spending a triumphant eight seasons with RSC Anderlecht in Belgium, amassing an impressive collection of eight prestigious titles.

Presently, Suárez proudly dons the jersey of River Plate, one of Argentina’s illustrious football powerhouses, continuing to impact the field significantly.

Magui Olave Marido
Magui Olave Marido: Her husband is Matias Suarez (Source: Instagram)

Magui Olave recently faced a tumultuous period as she collapsed on a bustling public street on August 22, encountering a daunting health scare.

Thankfully, a guardian angel in the form of a doctor swiftly appeared, employing life-saving CPR techniques to rescue Olave from the brink.

After a few days under medical care, Olave emerged from the confines of the hospital, utilizing her social media platform to offer solace and reassurance to her loyal followers.

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Magui Olave Marido: More About Her Partner Matías Suárez

Matías Suárez assumes an instrumental role in the triumphs of River Plate, propelling the team to domestic and international glory, most notably conquering the prestigious Copa Libertadores.

Suárez’s impeccable forward play has garnered widespread acclaim, propelling him to enjoy a prosperous career within Argentina and beyond its borders.

The genesis of Suárez’s professional journey can be traced back to Belgrano in 2006, where he swiftly established himself as an adored figure, earning the undying admiration of his ardent supporters.

Matias Suarez
Matias Suarez currently plays for River Plate in Argentine Primera División (Source: River Plate)

Suárez’s scintillating performances on the pitch seized the attention of European clubs, culminating in his highly anticipated move to the renowned RSC Anderlecht in 2008.

During his illustrious tenure at Anderlecht, Suárez soared to great heights, amassing a trove of honors, including multiple Belgian Pro League titles, thus cementing his reputation as an extraordinary and prolific forward.

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Magui Olave: Wikipedia And Edad (Age)

Born on May 14, 1991, in the vibrant city of Córdoba, Spain, Magui is currently 32 years old as of 2023.

She was raised in a household immersed in the captivating rhythms of cuarteto, a musical genre that shaped her artistic sensibilities.

Magui’s illustrious lineage traces back to her close familial ties with the late Rodrigo and Ulises Bueno, celebrated musicians who left an indelible mark on Argentina’s music landscape.

Fueled by the creative inspiration she inherited from her Father, Alberto Campos, a talented drummer in the idol band, Magui embarked on her remarkable musical journey at the tender age of 15.

Magui Olave daughter
Magui Olave with her daughter (Source: Instagram)

Collaborative in spirit, Magui has joined forces with esteemed artists such as Q’ Lokura and Damas Gratis, showcasing her versatility and leaving an indelible imprint on their musical creations.

Magui’s musical compositions, including the soul-stirring “Mi Mundo,” the hauntingly beautiful “Dueles,” the hypnotic “999,” and the nostalgic “Te Recuerdo,” have captivated audiences far and wide, earning her resounding acclaim and an adoring fan base.

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