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MacKenzie Astin, an American actor, is best known for his role as Andy Moffett in the popular TV series The Facts of Life. Born to his celebrity parents, it was only time that Astin would also end up walking in the same path.

From child actor to now, MacKenzie has come a long way for his career in the entertainment industry. Today, we will be discussing more this amazing actor and everything there is to know about him. Of course, it would include his personal life, career, and so on.

MacKenzie Astin age
MacKenzie Astin, 46, American actor

So, without any delay, let’s talk more about this actor right now. First stop, some facts.

MacKenzie Astin: Quick Facts

Full Name: Mackenzie Alexander Astin
Age: 46 years
Birth Date: May 12, 1973
Horoscope: Taurus
Birth Place: Los Angeles, California, USA
Education: University High School
Father’s Name: John Astin
Mother’s Name: Patty Duke
Marital Status: Married
Spouse: Jennifer Abbott Astin
Profession: Actor
Active years: 1982-present
Net Worth: $5 million
Social Media: Twitter

Age and Height- Young MacKenzie Astin

The American born actor, MacKenzie Astin, was born on May 12, 1973, which means he is 46 years old as of now. Not to mention, Astin’s sun sign is Taurus, who is known to be a stubborn, hard-working, and disciplined individuals.

Talking more about him, Astin is a fantastic individual who has got the talent and the looks both. Mac stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches(177 cm) while his weight is unknown.

MacKenzie Astin young
MacKenzie Astin then and now.

Along with that, Astin’s other physical measurements are also not disclosed at the moment. Apart from that, MacKenzie has got stunning blue eyes and ginger red hair that goes well with his fair skin complexion.

Early Life and Education- Who Is MacKenzie Astin’s Mother?

A native of Los Angeles, California, the United States of America, MacKenzie was born as MacKenzie Alexander Astin to his parents. Many might not know this, but this brilliant actor is the son of famous actress Patty Duke and actor John Astin.

No wonder Astin has got the acting talent, he was born with the genes. Likewise, Astin has got a half-brother, Sean Astin, who is also an actor like him. The two brothers grew up together in the city of California.

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As for his education, the actor went to Ralph Waldo Emerson Middle School and then graduated from the University High School located in Los Angeles. During his high school days, Astin actively played in ‘Little League Baseball.’

Apparently, it was from there that the young Astin learned the importance of teamwork.

Similarly, Astin is an American who is of English, Irish, Scottish, and German descent.

Is MacKenzie Astin Married?- Wife and Married Life

Coming from the actors’ family and being in the industry from an early age, MacKenzie has always been familiar with the limelight and media. In fact, he came to embrace it once he started acting in major films and TV screens.

Likewise, with this growing age, Astin’s love life also became a hot issue within the fandom. Well, to make it clear, this 46 years old American actor is married as of now. He is married to his beloved wife, Jennifer Abbott Astin is formerly known as Jennifer Bautz.

MacKenzie Astin family
Astin Family

Unfortunately, not much is known about his married life. Whether it is the media or the ability to keep secrets, Astin’s wife has not seen much of the paparazzi yet. The lovely duo married in a private ceremony in 2011 and has not talked much about it ever since.

We also have no idea if the couple even has a child or not. But don’t worry, we will make sure to update you, folks, on this matter sooner or later.

Professional Career: MacKenzie Astin and Movies

Being born in an acting family, it was evident that MacKenzie would end up walking the same path. It was only a matter of time. In Astin’s case, though, his acting career started pretty early compared to other actors.

Likewise, young MacKenzie was mesmerized by the entertainment world that attracted him while visiting his mother and brother to the set. Because of his love for it, Astin wounded up acting at an early age of eight.

The following year, at the age of nine, Astin appeared in the made-for-TV film titled Lois Gibbs and The Love Canal. Then in 1984, he made a guest appearance as Jeremy Warren in an episode of ABC’s drama series, Finder of Lost Loves. 

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By the age of 12, MacKenzie was killing it in the movie scene and even made a big break in one of NBC’s longest-running sitcoms, The Facts of Life(1979-1988). Despite appearing as a recurring role of Andy Moffett, he was already a pivotal part of the series by the seventh season.

Moreover, his role in the series helped him grab the Young Artist Award in 1986. Since Astin was an actor now, MacKenzie got to play alongside his mother, Patty, in on episodes of the ABC sitcom Hail to the Chief in 1985.

The following year, MacKenzie appeared in NBC’s TV movie I Dream of Jeannie- Fifteen Years Later and two episodes of the drama Hotel.

Silver Screen Debut and Rise to Prominence

Finally, after playing in small screen shows and series, young Astin made his silver screen debut from The Garbage Pail Kids Movie in 1987. However, unlike his other series, the movie failed to grab attention and was even deemed as one of the worst movies ever made.

A year later, he took a break from the whole acting fiasco and focused on his education. MacKenzie only resumed his acting in 1994 and made a comeback from the movie Iron Will, appearing alongside legendary actor Kevin Spacey.

After that, he acted in numerous shows and movies such as The Last Days of Disco(1998), The Mating Habits of the Earthbound Human(1999), and How to Deal(2003). 

Moreover, from early 2005, MacKenzie began appearing in more top-notch shows, including Lost(2005), House(2006), Psych(2009), Grey’s Anatomy(2011), NCIS(2012), Criminal Minds(2012), Bones(2013), Scandal(2014-2017), Madmen(2015), Homeland(2018) and many more.

Apart from such massive scale TV shows, MacKenzie tagged alongside his father, John Astin, for the ‘Program of Theatre Arts and Studies’ at Johns Hopkins University between 2005 and 2010. 

Evening Star Accident and Rehab- What Happened to MacKenzie Astin’s Ear?

Being an actor is a tough job that many might have no idea about. Sure it is the glitz and glam that we are focused on, but it is much more than that. During the shooting of the film called Evening Star in 1996, MacKenzie was severely injured.

MacKenzie Astin brother
MacKenzie Astin with his brother, Sean Astin

To make it clear, MacKenzie had a car accident where he lost some part of his top right ear. For the rest of the shooting, the actor had to rely on a prosthetic ear. One can quickly notice the subtle difference between his ear before and after the accident took place.

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However, it is not the only event that put MacKenzie’s life in danger. During his acting break, Astin fell into a bad habit of Marijuana and illegal drugs. He was so much into it that the actor had to stay in rehab to cut back his pattern.

However, it got big in media or worse, took his life. Astin changed his habit and is now living a drug-free life that we know of.

Net Worth and Income

As of now, the versatile American actor has played in numerous movies and shows. However, his TV shows and series much more successful than his silver screen appearances. As of 2020, this brilliant actor has amassed a net worth of $5 million.

So far, Astin has shown his magic in several top-notch productions, making him one to watch in the acting industry. But still, Astin knows better than to expose your assets and incomes to the public.

Social Media Presence

Twitter–  8.7k Followers


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