Josh Demass

The multi-talented personality of Josh Demas has brought him sudden hype & fame, and almost every Netflix shows follower knows him as a contestant in Netflix Original Show “Love Is Blind.”

Love Is Blind cast fame Josh Demas is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu competitor, comedian, MMA fighter & project engineer at a construction Company in the United States.

Before Love Is Blind & any other reality show, the talented man was one of the 16 contestants on FloGrappling’s reality TV show, Who’s Next: Submission Fighter Challenge.

But his recent appearance in Netflix’s Love Is Blind has brought him many followers worldwide.

And people are eager to discover more about Josh Demas & his details after the sudden hype of his name & activities.

So here, get an insight into all possible details about the Love Is Blind fame, Josh Demas, as available in the public domain.

Who is Josh Demas? Insight into Demas’s Life

According to Netflix’s description of Josh, he is a project engineer & an MMA fighter who has even been a part of “Who’s Next: Submission Fighter Challenge.”

Josh Demas is a professional fighter, a comedian, a highly educated individual, and now a crucial contestant of “Love Is Blind.”

As per analytics, the MMA fighter represents Soul Fighters & moreover, he is a high enthusiast who loves to learn things rather than leave stones unturned.

And now, talking about the sudden fame & recognition, we can’t ignore Josh Demas’s presence in the fourth season of Netflix’s “Love is Blind,” set to be premiered on March 24, 2023.

Love is Blind is a dating reality television series as part of a three-week event that follows a social experiment where single men and women look for love and get engaged, all before meeting in person.

Josh Demas show
MMA Fighter & Project Engineer, The Josh Demas. (Source: Instagram)

And because Demas is a part of the show, he is most probably single & is looking for someone to spoil and spend life with him.

Further details on Josh Demas’s personal life & updates on his presence on the show are set to publish after the show hits the internet.

So, till then, stay tuned to catch every single thing on this trending headline.

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Josh Demas’s Parents & Family

According to, Josh Demas was born on June 12, 1991, in Tempe, Arizona, United States, to parents of a Christain household.

Reports suggest the multi-talented man is an accomplished collegiate wrestler from Ohio State University & is an MMA professional fighter representing Soul Fighters.

But Josh has two younger brothers & a sister who he loves to spend time with on vacations & weekends break.

Moreover, the athlete had a best friend, Kosta Karageorge, who died in 2014 & on that heart-shattering incident, Demas posted a series of emotional posts about their friendship from 7th grade.

Josh Demas & kosta
Demas With His Best Friend Kosta. (Source: Instagram)

Unfortunately, other details about Josh Demas’s parents & family are still in the discovery phase, so nothing significant is available in the public domain.

Still, discoveries are ongoing & other details shall be published later on several occasions.

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Net Worth Of Josh Demas

Josh Demas has been working in the field for a long time and has already worked as a professional MMA fighter, a comedian & a reality tv star.

Any analyst still needs to publish the exact number of Josh Demas’s net worth, so we don’t have numbers, but as far as property is concerned, the multi-talented man has enough of it.

Along with talents of fighting & comedy, he has a high degree & is even a collegiate wrestler from Ohio State University.

Josh Demas
Josh Demas. (Source: Instagram)

Josh had a 16-8 record and was even qualified for the 2015 NCAA tournament.

The athlete aims to demonstrate what a skilled wrestler with an understanding of submission techniques can do, despite having less experience than some of the other competitors in this category.

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