Molly McGrew

Audiences are wondering about Molly McGrew. They want to know more about the Love is Blind cast.

Everyone’s beloved reality show, Love Is Blind, will return for season 4 on March 24.

We are expecting a lot of heartwarming moments with a dash of drama in the video, which was posted by Netflix!

Netflix also published a ‘meet the cast’ video, so you can bet we’ve been looking for their Instagram handles.

Love Is Blind: Who Is Molly McGrew?

Molly McGrew is a marriage and family therapist. She works with a broad range of mental health issues. ADHD, self-harm, defiance, OCD, suicidality, self-harm, emotion regulation, sadness, and anxiety are all examples.

She has spent most of her tenure in an emergency department and inpatient hospital setting.

As an outpatient therapist, she combines these abilities with different therapeutic interventions to complete the treatment goals.

McGrew takes a strength-based, solution-focused strategy in sessions and employs externalization techniques.

She believes that everyone is doing their best, and she works hard to help clients harness their talents and the support of those around them.

She believes that the therapist-client connection is critical for effective treatment.

Miss Molly has now signed up for season 4 of ‘Love is Blind.’ In this show, Singles attempt to find a partner and fall in love without ever meeting in person, as emotional connection attempts to outweigh physical appeal.

Molly McGrew
Molly McGrew is a contestant in the new series Love Is Blind Season Four. (Source: COSMOPOLITAN)

The reality show’s third season concluded with two marriages, one relationship, and at least one proven villain à la Shake. We suspected there would be a season 4 of Love Is Blind set in Dallas even before season 3 was released.

And now, Molly McGrew is also a part of it. We cannot wait to see if she finds her soulmate. 

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Molly McGrew Age And Family

Molly McGrew is 32 years old. However, not much is known about Miss McGrew’s family.

Hence, fans must wait for information on Molly McGrew’s parents, siblings, and other family members. We are sure she will share about them soon.

It seems like she likes to keep her personal life private. However, she often updates her Instagram with pictures of her friends, family and pet.

Molly McGrew net worth

Molly McGrew is a Marriage and Family Therapist. She earns a decent amount of money and is a successful therapist. 

She takes $155 per session for individuals and $175 per session for couples.

Molly McGrew
Molly McGrew is a Marriage and Family Therapist Associate. (Source: Film feed)

She counsels individuals, couples, and families. In addition to counseling, she provides parent support and guidance, as well as ADHD and executive function coaching.

Molly’s LinkedIn profile shows she got her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Oregon. She studied Psychology as a major and Communication Studies and Business Administration as a minor. 

Similarly, for her Master’s degree, She graduated from Antioch University Seattle and got her degree in Couple and Family Therapy. 

She also participates in the reality TV show ‘Love is Blind.’ In case you are wondering about the prize money from the series, unlike other reality television shows, Love Is Blind does not end with a big cash prize for the winning couple.

Candidates, on the other hand, are paid for their involvement in the Netflix series. However, this means she gets paid to be in the show. 

Hence, her primary income comes as a therapist; this show could be her secondary income. 

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