Ted Bundy

Learn the story of one of the extremely vile, shockingly evil, and wicked American psychotic serial killer Ted Bundy.  

Theodore Robert Bundy precisely ‘Ted Bundy,’ a serial killer, rapist, burglar, kidnapper, and every disgusting sociopath you could ever imagine off. Learn about his early life, committed sinful crimes, and his execution.

Serial Killer Ted Bundy: Early Life, Bio

Born on November 24, 1964, in Vermont, the US, Ted is regarded as one of the most disturbing evil maniac ever born in the history of the USA. He was born from his mother Eleanor Louise Cowell however, details about his father are yet not unveiled.

Ted Bundy described himself as “the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you’ll ever meet.”
SOURCE: All that’s Interesting
Like usual, Ted kid was a city boy who was happily married to Carole Ann Boone in 1980. However, the two couple later parted in 1986.

The Sociopath Ted Bundy: Crimes and Obligated Accusation

Examining lunatic Ted’s criminal history, the sociopath was convicted for assaulting and murdering numerous girls and women back in the 1970s.

After decades-long denial of his committed crimes, Bundy later admits all his sinful crimes, including 30 homicides he committed between the years 1974 and 1978 in seven states of United States.

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However, the true numbers of his sins are still unknown, but as reports by higher authorities, it reveals that he has been convicted of more crimes than he actually confessed.

According to sources, Ted was a charismatic good looking man through which many girls fell into his wicked games traps.

In fact, Ted was a player as he used to fantasize about ladies with his fascinating words and charming looks. It was his way to allure girls initially and later harassing them sexually and assassinating them.

Murder evidence crime investors found of serial killer Ted Bundy after suspicious murders cases in states of US.
SOURCE: Scena Criminis

As time passed and his crime scenes began to focus, criminal crime investigators witnessed a trial of assassination in states like Colorado, California, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Florida, and Idaho.

Serial Killer Ted Bundy’s Prisonment and Punishment

Hence, karma leaves no one, Ted was subsequently sentenced to imprisonment for the first time in 1975 when police suspected the psychotic slaughter’s aggravated kidnapping and criminal cases.

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However, Ted manages to escape two custody but continues his assassinations as he perpetrates three murders before he was finally recaptured in Florida in 1978.

The corpse of serial killer Ted Bundy after he was electrocuted to death in 1989.

Finally, the psychotic maniac was arrested at Florida State Prison on January 24, 1989, and sentenced to death by executing electrocution.

Now his criminal cases and death termination has become an example to the world marking his crimes as one of the despicable act in the history of the USA.

Biopic Based on Ted Sinful Crimes and Perception

Recently HBO Entertainment released a biopic based on the serial killer Ted Bundy accounting the real cases and assaults, including the perception from Ted’s life.

Serial Killer Ted died at the age of 42 on January 24, 1989, at Florida State Prison, Florida, U.S.

So, where is Ted’s daughter Rose today?

Well, Rose Bundy is now 37-years-old, and she shares that she doesn’t want her serial killer father to ruin his personal life.

According to author Ann Rule who wrote a biopic on Ted Bundy ‘The Stranger Beside me’ shared that Rose tends and resides far away from the spotlight but is living her life blissfully.

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“I have heard that Ted’s daughter is a kind and intelligent young woman, but I have no idea where she and her mother may live. They have been through enough pain.”

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