Last Of Us Riley Death

Last Of Us Riley Death is not shown in the game or the show. Instead, it is implied that she dies after being bitten by a Clicker.

Riley Abel is the deuteragonist of The Last of Us: American Dreams and The Last of Us: Left Behind, and he is mentioned in The Last of Us.

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Riley, a sixteen-year-old survivor from Boston, despised the military and frequently defended the Fireflies’ allegedly extreme acts. While in Boston, she encountered Ellie, with whom she rapidly bonded and became best friends.

Last Of Us Riley Death: What Happened To Him?

The Last of Us episode 7 focuses on Riley and Ellie’s tale, with the episode’s conclusion leaving Riley’s fate largely uncertain. 

Ellie begins remembering events before the series debut after taking Joel to safety and attempts to stem the bleeding from his stab wound sustained after The Last of Us episode 6.

Last Of Us Riley Death
Ellie And Riley In Last Of Us Game (source: Tvinsider)

The closing scene of The Last of Us episode 7 has an infected host attacking Ellie and Riley, whom they battle together. Despite this, both understand they have been bitten and dread the worst after murdering the infected.

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Ellie and Riley are last seen in The Last of Us episode 7, deciding to spend their last few hours together, “losing their minds,” as Riley puts it.

With the previous episodes of The Last of Us revealing what happened to Ellie, the mystery surrounding Riley’s destiny persists.

This finale, which is not explicitly revealed in The Last of Us episode 7, is comparable to the ending of The Last of Us episode 3. 

While the subsequent episodes did not reveal Frank and Bill’s dead bodies to honor their tale of choosing their conclusion and not taint the lovely story, The Last of Us episode 7’s ambiguous ending strengthens the plot.

In The Last of Us, Who Plays Riley? Is Riley Killed In The Last of Us Episode 7?

As previously stated, Storm Reid plays Riley in The Last of Us. If you watch HBO, you may remember her as Rue’s sister in Euphoria.

Her breakout performance came in Ava DuVernay’s A Wrinkle in Time, but you may also recognize her from When They See Us, The Invisible Man, and The Suicide Squad.

Last Of Us Riley Death
Ellie And Riley In Last Of Us Series Episode 7 (source: Thegamer)

She is correct. The Last of Us has mostly stayed true to the original game’s premise. Yet, “Left Behind” is almost similar to the DLC.

The majority of the distinctions between the two are minor. For example, the game contains a toy gun fight between Riley and Ellie, and the titles of the video games in the arcade vary.

It has more to do with licensing than anything else. The Expansion also demonstrates Ellie’s ability to move and care for Joel.

Riley gives them two options: kill themselves or wait it out and enjoy the time they have left together. “We can be all lyrical and stuff and lose our minds together,” Riley adds, on the verge of passing out.

Unfortunately, The Last of Us isn’t that type of series… and Riley was no exception. Her demise is not depicted in the games, although she died due to the virus.

Ellie then went to Marlene and the Fireflies, which explains her appearance on the show. We’ll have to wait and see if Ellie finally informs Joel (Pedro Pascal) about Riley in the series.

Does Joel Die In The Last of Us Episode 7?

Don’t be concerned, Pascal Pals. Fungus Daddy is still alive but not in good health. The finale of Episode 7 takes us to the current day. Ellie finds a needle and thread in the home and uses it to close Joel’s shiv wound. He’ll live to fight another day.

The Last of Us does not reveal what happens next but does not need to. Ellie informed Joel in “Kin” that everyone she had loved had either left her or died. 

We may presume Riley fell into the latter group, which implies Ellie had to witness the transformation of her first girlfriend into an Infected. The best-case scenario? 

Ellie fled from an infected Riley. Worst-case scenario? Ellis already mentioned (in Episode 4) that she had to injure someone in the past. Riley is undoubtedly someone, and it’s a safe assumption that she had to kill her first love.

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