Larry Ray

Larry Ray Wikipedia: He is known as the head of Sarah Lawrence’s “sex cult,” 

“Larry” Lawrence Ray is best known as the head of Sarah Lawrence’s “sex cult,” but U.S. Attorney Damian Williams characterized him in even harsher terms.

After moving into his daughter’s room at Sarah Lawrence College, he was convicted on 15 felony counts, including sex trafficking, extortion, and racketeering conspiracy.

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Ray was sentenced to 60 years in jail in January 2023, with the judge admiring Ray’s victims’ fortitude in facing their abuser in court.

Who Is Larry Ray? Age And Wikipedia

Lawrence “Larry” Ray, also known as Lawrence Grecco, was born in the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bay Ridge. 

In the 1980s, he worked on Wall Street and as a consultant for various businesses, including insurance, construction, and gambling, according to New York Magazine. He does not have a college diploma.

Larry Ray
Larry Ray has been sentenced to 60 years in prison (source: Entrepreneur)

He was in the military for a short time. According to The Cut, Ray served in the United States Air Force for only 19 days. 

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However, he maintained touch with senior military figures such as Marine General Charles Pitman and former Marine Commandant General James L. Jones.

Ray also claimed to have worked for the CIA, yet there is no proof that he was ever employed as a U.S. government intelligence operative in any branch.

According to the New York Times, Ray controlled pubs and nightclubs in New Jersey in the 1980s, including Club Malibu and J.J. Rockers in Scotch Plains. 

Ray met several politicians from New Jersey and New York during his time at the venues, and he became friends with Bernard Kerik, with whom he worked out and raced motorbikes.

Larry Ray moved into his daughter Talia Ray’s dorm at Sarah Lawrence College in New York in September 2010 after supposedly spending time in jail for rescuing his children from their violent mother.

Where Is Larry Ray’s Daughter Talia Ray Now? Is She Still In Jail?

Talia was affected by her Father as soon as she was eight years old. Her childhood acquaintance informed the Intelligencer that “as early as second grade, Talia warned me their House had poison in the walls or the attic.” 

Larry Ray
Larry Ray’s Daughter Talia Ray (source: Distractify)

Talia was mentioned as a possible co-conspirator when her Father was charged, but that never happened. She has remained out of the public eye since the horrors of her Father’s conduct were brought to light. 

A Twitter account believed to be hers is still locked, with a bio that reads, “I LOVE YOU, AVA, and I MISS YOU EVERY DAY! Your Big Sister, xoxo always.”

This is what her Father told her. It was a falsehood he proceeded to tell for decades, even to students at Sarah Lawrence College.

She hadn’t shared anything on Facebook since August 2020, when she encouraged people to vote. 

She worked as a paralegal in Durham, North Carolina, and was “involved in the state Democratic Party,” according to the Post. She has vanished, leaving everyone questioning how much her Father impacted her.

Larry Ray was freed from jail and asked his daughter if he may accompany her to school. 

This seemed strange on the surface, but Talia had previously assumed that Ray had saved her and her sister when he rescued her from their mother’s questionable care. Talia, naturally.

After Larry Ray was released from jail, he asked his daughter if he could stay at her school. 

On the surface, this was weird, but Talia was already under the assumption that Ray had saved both her and her sister when he pulled her from their mother’s dubious care. Talia, of course, would do anything to assist him.

For a while, the dormitory arrangement seemed to work well. Larry was holding movie screenings and purchasing expensive take-out for the students. 

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