Social media can make an individual an overnight star and also famous. There are lots of examples of it.

Larenz Tate is the latest addition to the list of emerging stars. His career began with Instagram and went on to be the big screen module for sure.

Other than the social media fame, his skill has taken him way ahead of time. In this article, we will talk about all the struggles of the actor.

Larenz Tate net worth
Larenz Tate

But first, what’s essential are some quick facts that help the digging in

Larenz Tate: Quick Facts

Full Name Larenz Tate
Date of Birth 1975/09 /08
Nickname Larenz
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Chicago, USA
Ethnicity Afro-American
Gender Male
Horoscope Virgo
Age 48 Years Old
Profession Actor
Nationality American
Height 5’8″
Eye color Brown
Hair color Black
Kids 3
Net Worth $2 million
Online Presence Instagram, Twitter
Last Update May 2024

Who Is Larenz Tate?

Larenz Tate is an American TV and movie actor who has been famous for his work in projects like Power, Menace II Society, and many more.

Tate is most recognized for his appearances in Menace II Society as O-Dog and Power as Councilman Rashad Tate.

The bright prospect is married and shares kids.

Age and Parents

Larenz Tate was born on 8th September 1975 in Chicago. The name of his parents is Larry and Peggy Tate.

Other than this, the talented actor also has two siblings. He is pretty close to all of them.

Tate is 48 Years Old as of now. He holds the American nationality along with the afr0-American ethnicity.

Being born in September, his zodiac falls under Virgo, suggesting the fact that he is disciplined and tactful at the same time.

Body Measurements: Height and Weight

Tate is into his late 40s, but the broad smile, along with the positive personality, makes any individual his fan for sure.

Larenz stands at the height of 5’8” and weighs 69kgs. The right-looking height is fit, which is due to the regular workout and a healthy diet.

Even with the increasing age, the actor can maintain a pretty decent outlook. As a result, the vital body statistics stand at 43-32-36 inches.

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Tate is not a big fan of tattoos, so as far as know, there is no tattoo on the body of the actor. With the average height comes the shoe size of 7.

To fulfill the physical outlook through dark brown eyes and black hair plays the lead role.

Early Days and Education

Larenz was born in Chicago and spent his childhood there with his family and siblings. Tate is the youngest among the three and is also the most skilled one.

Not only Larenz but every sibling in the family is attached to the entertainment world, which shows the fact that there was freedom to choose a career of will.

Tate attended Palmdale high school and went on to graduate in the year 1993. Immediately after graduation, the quest to be an actor went to merry ways.

He used to like making dreads and quits famous when he was younger.


Larenz was not always sure that he would be an actor.

Taking the acting classes at the beginning was just for fun for later getting small roles, and fame changed the perception for Tate.

The debut for the actor came in the year 1985 with The Twilight Zone.

His role specified as the older brother, and simultaneously the actor started getting more prominent roles.

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Some of the excellent Tv work with time include 21 Jump Street, Matlock, New Attitude, Love Monkey, Family Matters, Rescue Me, House of Lies, Justified, and many more.

The keen readers might think the actor is famous in the small roles you are mistaken. Power Book IV: Influences is one of the well known recent projects where Tate has a significant role worked out.

Not only in the series, though, but the movie also comes to the actor smoothly. 

Menace II Society marked his debut on the big screen with the supporting role of O-Dog.

Likewise, there were lots of other works that followed the actor with ease.

The Postman, Love Come Down, A Man Apart, Crash, Ray, Waist deep, Gun Hill, Girls Trip are some of the well-known names.

For more than three decades, the actor has been part of the industry, but hardly has he been graced with any awards or nominations.

A distinction is undoubtedly waiting in the wings with future works in place.

 Larenz Tate and his friend have brought the audio-written drama “Bronzeville” which describes an underappreciated Chicago neighborhood to life.

Who Is Larenz Tate Wife?

Larenz Tate is a family man and happily for almost two decades now.

Before being settled with one woman, he dated pretty good ladies.

What’s interesting about the actor is that he has kept all his past relationships under the radar.

At this point, Tate is married to Tomasina Parrott.

To the readers who are unaware, she is an American actress and a pretty good salsa dancer. Her achievements in salsa are still highly regarded.

Larenz Tate wife
Larenz Tate with wife Tomasina

There is no information about where and how the pair met, but one thing is sure they walked down the aisle in the year 2006.

The exact date might not be known, but it was a pretty sacred event that took place.

Not only the marriage but the pair are blessed with kids that add spice to their relationship.

Miles Tate, Zander Tate, and Zion Tate are the family’s three sons.

In one of the interviews, Larenz stated that he doesn’t sleep with his wife together in one bed; instead, they sleep in different rooms. There might be some reasons for that, but they look happy as a pair.

Due to the lack of any woman in the life of Larenz at this point other than Parrott, we feel this bonding will go on for an extended period.

Net Worth: Income and Salary

The readers who have come this far might know that Larenz is a pretty old player in the field.

He knows all the basics and has a huge fan following and net worth over the last three decades.

As of 2022, Larenz owns a net worth of $2 million.

All of this is the joint effort of TV and movies. In his free time, though, he loves to spend his time with the family.

He is also pretty fond of swimming and does it with great fun most of the time.

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Tate, to add to the hobby list, loves listening to music and also reading books.

All of this suggests the fact that Larenz is a fun-loving and happy go merry type of personnel.

He has also supported some well-known brands, such as Jordans, which has helped him boost his net worth.

With the proper information on the net worth, annual income, along with the assets count, is hidden. If anything fruitful comes up, readers will be made aware.

Internet Fame

Tate might be the actor who has started way beyond time, but it must not come as a surprise to see the fan following held by the man.

To be part of his social media fan following, you can check the links below.

Instagram2.5m followers

Twitter363k followers


What does Tate suffer from?

Tate had a dangerous ailment called sickle cell anemia, which is a collection of abnormalities affecting hemoglobin, the protein in red blood cells that transports oxygen to all of the body’s cells.

What is the name of Larenz Tate’s younger brother?

Lampard Tate and Larron Tate are Larenz Tate’s brothers.

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