Kim Petras partner

Kim Petras Partner and her relationship with Sam Smith has been a chat room topic among fans who have kept the artists close to their hearts.

It isn’t fascinating for a celebrity like Petras and Smith to find new relationships, but it saddens their fans that they are not dating.

German pop singer Kim Petras received fame for her single, I Don’t Want It At All, released in 2017.

It was her international debut single, which she released independently. 

The singer and songwriter, based in Los Angeles, has released several songs since 2016.

As an independent artist, she founded her imprint, BunHead Records, and released many singles from 2016 to 2020. 

Eventually, she signed with Republic Records and Amigo in 2021. 

Speaking of Singer-songwriter Samuel Frederick Smith, shortly Sam Smith, he hails from England.

Smith first received international recognition via Disclosure’s chart-topping track Latch, which peaked at #11 on the UK Singles Chart in October 2012.

Later, in May 2013, Sam appeared on Naughty Boy’s La La La track, which peaked at #1.

2013’s Brit Critics’ Choice Award winner also won the BBC’s Sound poll.

In May 2014, Smith, with Capitol Records UK, released his first studio album, In the Lonely Hour. 

Moreover, his songs Stay With Me, and I’m Not The Only One garnered worldwide fame with billions of views on YouTube.

Smith’s YouTube channel has achieved a whopping figure of 16 million subscribers, while Kim Petras is just beginning her singing journey and has reached 399 Thousand subscribers as of this writing. 

Also, Kim and Smith’s collaboration song Unholy released on 30 September 2022, has garnered more than 125 million views on YouTube.

Their song trends at #51 on the global top music videos (on the platform) as of this writing. 

Similarly, Kim has crossed 900 thousand followers on Instagram. She is active on the platform with more than 755 posts. 

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Who Is Kim Petras Partner?

According to Dating Celebs, German pop singer Kim Petras is single now. Kim is not in a romantic relationship as of this writing.

Kim Petras partner
Kim Petras is not looking for a partner but focusing on her music career. (Source: News24)

Perhaps, Petras wants to enjoy a single life and feels comfortable around people having musical tastes.

Also, it could be true that the Unholy singer is looking for a perfect match that suits her personality. 

Many people are curious to know about Petra’s sexuality and believe that her gender preference is the reason for not having a partner.

However, Kim has a different opinion about this and says, “I’m an artist, not a gender. I don’t see people by their gender or sexuality.”

Petras made it clear that her preference doesn’t come in the way when choosing and dating partners. 

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Kim Petras Relationship Timeline With Sam Smith: Are They Dating?

German pop singer Kim Petras based in L.A. thinks of English artist Sam Smith as her best friend. The two share a good bond. 

Kim Petras Partner
Kim Petras and Sam Smith share a good bond. (Source: Yahoo Life UK)

Kim, in one of her interviews, mentioned Smith saying:

Sam has been a very special friend of mine. He supports me. It feels too special to share this bond with someone who always gives me such important advice regarding my life.

He even teaches me to deal with the opinions of people. I feel lucky to learn so much. Of course! Sam won’t get rid of me, like never, and we will sing together for eternity.

It looks like Kim does want Smith’s advice and support for her lifetime. 

Not only do they have good terms, but the two have made history. Kim and Smith became the first openly trans and nonbinary artists to top the Billboard Hot 100.

Yes, the two’s love and support for each other improved their careers. The artists have known each other for at least a decade now. 

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