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Seventeen, the South Korean boy group made their comeback recently with their new album, Semicolon (;). Despite having thirteen members in the group, one cannot simply miss Kim Mingyu. How could they even? He always sticks out in the group because of his staggering height.

Towering over his members, Mingyu is the tallest member of Seventeen. He is not only physically blessed but is equally good-looking as well. Also, the visual of the group, the young singer attracts the attention of many people.

Kim Mingyu age
Kim Mingyu is the rapper and visual of Seventeen

But even his members admit that Mingyu’s personalities and appearances do not match at all. Nonetheless, he is a completely optimistic person yet clumsy person.

Here, in this article, we will talk about the life he lived before Seventeen and how it is at the moment. Read till the end to find more about Kim, CARATs.

Kim Mingyu: Quick Facts

Full Name Kim Mingyu (김민규)
Birth Date April 6, 1997
Age 23 years
Birth Place Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
Nationality South Korean
Ethnicity Asian
Education Dong-A Broadcasting Arts University
Horoscope Aries
Father’s Name Unknown
Mother’s Name Unknown
Siblings A younger sister
Height 6 feet 2 inches (187 cm)
Weight  70 kgs(154 lbs)
Profession Singer
Group Seventeen
Active years 2015-present
Sub-Unit Hip-Hop Team
Net Worth  Under Review

Who is Kim Mingyu from Seventeen?

Seventeen, and NCT and BTS, are among the top three boy groups in South Korea at the moment. Kim Mingyu is famous as the visual and rapper in the thirteen members boy group, Seventeen aka SVT. Despite his clumsiness, Mingyu is a reliable guy and is multi-talented as well.

Kim Mingyu Debuted with Seventeen in 2015

The eye-candy of many viewers, Kim Mingyu, debuted with Seventeen in 2015 under Pledis Entertainment. Since then, he has actively participated in every group as well as individual projects. When he was in his second year of middle school, the company scouted him.

Migyu trained for four years before making his much awaited debut. He was already famous from his appearance in the online broadcasts of the show called ‘Seventeen TV‘ in 2013. The group made their debut in an hour special showcase in MBC. Two days later, they released their first EP titled ’17 Carat.’ 

Kim Mingyu Seventeen
Seventeen debuted in 2015

As expected, Seventeen started gaining a lot of fans both overseas and in their home country. Their second EP “Boys Be” even became the highest-selling album by a rookie in the year while earning numerous awards. Despite the hardships, Seventeen was getting recognition not only for their music but their efforts as well.

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Soon, the thirteen member group began touring in Asia and the Pacific regions. Moreover, their recent and third studio album “An Ode-“ sold over 700,000 copies in first week alone, dubbing them as one of the best K-pop album of the year by Billboard.

Along with the group success, Mingyu in particular has been getting a lot of exposure as well. Not only is he handsome but his out-going and bright personality has made Mingyu a hit among the citizens. Aside from his group projects, Kim is also active as a host and appears on various Korean variety shows.

Furthermore, with his dashing looks and perfect physique, Kim Mingyu is the ideal choice for modeling. He has even modeled and represented various brands while gracing the cover for famous magazines.

What is the net worth of Kim Mingyu? Is he the richest member from Seventeen?

Since 2015, Kim Mingyu has actively promoted the group Seventeen under Pledis Entertainment. Also, one of the group’s well-known members, Mingyu, appears frequently in music shows and variety shows. With this, we are sure the young singer earns enough to live a comfortable life.

However, even now, Mingyu’s net worth, and total income, have not been revealed. Not only him but the other members of Seventeen are also secretive when it comes to their income.

But with just some speculation, it is believed the young singer might be sitting in a net worth of $2 million. Mingyu has been spotted sporting expensive brands and luxurious items such as watches, bags, clothes, and many more.

Family, Childhood, and Education

The visual of Seventeen, Kim Mingyu(김민규), was born in Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The eldest child of his parents has a younger sister but has refrained from mentioning them publicly. It is probably for their safety anyway.

Likewise, young Mingyu attended Burim Middle School and later enrolled at the Seoul Broadcasting High School. During his primary years, Kim was part of the school’s soccer team and even placed second in the National Championship.

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Also, Kim is South Korean by nationality, while his ethnicity happens to be Asian.

Kim Mingyu is the tallest member of Seventeen

With a height of 6 feet 2 inches(187 cm), it is hard for anyone to ignore Kim Migyu. In terms of physicality, Mingyu wins over his members as he got a well-built muscle and toned body. He weighs around 70 kgs and follows strict workout routines and diet to maintain his body.

Kim Mingyu height
Kim Mingyu for ELLE Korea

Looking at him, it is hard to believe that Kim is just 23 years old. The fine South Korean singer was born on April 6, 1997, under Aries’ sign. he certainly possesses the typical traits like his fierceness, competitiveness, and knack for perfection.

Aside from being tall, Kim is also the official visual of Seventeen. He has got a pair of dark eyes and short black hair. But his most distinctive features have to be his sharp eyebrows and plump lips. Overall, Mingyu is a whole package and is often mistaken as a runway model.

Kim Mingyu is part of famous ’97-line group chat’ .

If you are a K-pop fan then you might be aware about ’97-line group chat.’ It is a group chat of K-pop idols who were born in the same year, 1997. This famous chat line includes Kim Mingyu, Dk & The8(Seventeen), Jungkook(BTS), Yugyeom & Bambam(GOT7), Jaehyun(NCT), and Cha Eunwoo(Astro).

Aside from his friendship with other K-pop idols, Mingyu has not spoken much about his personal life. Since idols dating topic is frowned upon by the K-netizens, Korean celebrities as well as idols keep quiet about it.

Nonetheless, it is assumed that Mingyu is single as of now who is busy with his group promotions and stuff. But if he had the chance, Mingyu expressed he would love to date someone who is tall, kind-hearted, and easy-going. Also, he prefers someone older.

Despite being the clumsiet member, Mingyu is the cleanest member of Seventeen. He loves vacuuming, arranging, and cleaning stuff. This has earned him a nickname of Mr. Wristband, Technician, and even Kim-ssi ahjussi.

Likewise, Kim is a bright person and gets involved in many stuffs. Mingyu belives since he only lives once, he wants to get involved and know everything that piques his curiosity.

Some Interesting Facts About Kim Mingyu

  • Kim Mingyu is left-handed.
  • His hobbies include playing soccer, basketball, and making plastic models/action figures.
  • He wants to try acting someday.
  • Mingyu loves eating and prefers spicy foods and ramyeon. Since he eats the most, the other members call him Shikshin or Eating Machine.
  • Not only does he eat most but is also the best cook among the members.
  • The members voted him as the one whose looks and personality don’t match at all.
  • Rather than materialistic things, Mingyu loves spending time with his friends, watching movies, and others; anything meaningful.

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  • The visual member, Mingyu made a cameo appearance on the Thai sitcom, Luang-ta-Maha-chon.
  • His role model is Top from Bigbang and aspires to be cool as a singer and actor like him.
  • Mingyu was ranked 24th on TC Candler “The 100 Most Handsome Faces of 2019.

Social Media Presence

Instagram–  3.8 million Followers

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