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Followers have recently searched Kerry Washington Health Update. Her eating problem information is trending online as modern anxiety has evolved from food addiction.

Kerry Washington is most known for her part on the television show ‘Scandal,’ although she has acted since childhood.

While she was a teen, the future Actress was a member of the TADA! Youth Theater teen organization.

Her first television appearance was in a commercial in 1994. Later, Washington acted in notable movies such as ‘As the Last King of Scotland and ‘Django Unchained.’

However, she didn’t become a household name until she starred in ‘Scandal’ as Olivia Pope in 2012.

Her portrayal earned her nominations for the NAACP Image Award, the Golden Globe, and the Emmy Award.

Washington was in several other television episodes and films after the show’s finale in 2018. She’s also worked as a director and producer.

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Kerry Washington Health Update – Does She Have A Cancer Or Diabetes?

No, Kerry Washington doesn’t have cancer or diabetes. However, she has suffered from eczema since she was a child. She acknowledged her childhood sickness in 2019.

Several fans and Internet users are concerned about Actress Washington’s health update. According to specialists, eczema is a skin condition that causes the skin to dry up and become irritated.

Kerry Washington Health Update
Fans Are Willing Kerry Washington Health Update (Source- People)

She also talked about having trouble sleeping due to anxiety and stress. Her admirers questioned her mental health, and the Actress addressed her concerns on Twitter.

Washington also spoke with Essence, discussing her treatment and how it has helped her in other facets of her life.

She claimed it took her a lifetime to appreciate herself and her body. The Actress said that it helped her articulate her feelings more effectively.

Washington told Glamour she is concerned about her physical and emotional well-being. The Scandal Actress claims:

I say out publicly because I take the stigma away from mental health. My heart and my brain are equally important to me.

I don’t know why people don’t seek help to have those things (referring to mental health) be as healthy as my teeth. As I go to the dentist, I should also go to a shrink.

Kerry Washington Fitness Routine

Kerry Washington is known to be serious, dynamic, and committed when it comes to her exercises. She does Pilates as much as possible, three to four times weekly, for 60 minutes.

She prefers Pilates since she previously injured a nerve in her neck and shoulders, and Pilates reduces joint tension.

Her trainer, Nonna Geyzer, leads her through her workout routine, designed to tone and develop her body.

Washington’s regular workout begins with her lower body, emphasizing her quadriceps, inner thighs, glutes, and Achilles tendons.

Kerry Washington Fitness Routine
Actress and activist Kerry Washington (Source- Women’s Health)

She then works on the lower abdomen muscles supporting her sacrum. When the sacrum is properly positioned, the hips are stable.

When your hips are straight and your pelvis is firm, there is no stress in your knees or ankles. Strength in these areas is essential for keeping a seductive posture and walking.

Kerry Washington Diet

Kim Snyder sparked Washington’s interest in juice and various forms of smoothies. During the year, she maintains a consistent diet.

She likes coconut water because it has potassium and other electrolytes that keep her hydrated.

Washington isn’t a considerable drinker, admitting she ‘couldn’t handle it.’ She usually drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated.

Washington has a sweet tooth and occasionally enjoys Sprinkles Cupcakes and Eleni’s Cookies. She once sent Scandal co-stars cookies while they were filming.

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