Kelly Lester Husband

Everyone is eager to know about Kelly Lester husband. Let’s explore more about her family life and net worth.

Kelly Lester obtains a BA in theatrical from UCLA and has performed on stage, in cinema, and in television projects throughout Los Angeles.

Since coming to NYC in 2018, Kelly has made appearances in several NY-based TV series and performed prominent roles in east coast theaters like Connecticut Rep and Florida’s Asolo Rep.

In addition to her responsibilities as a performer, Kelly developed and sold the companies Art Plates, Inc. and EasyLunchboxes, Inc.

She is the daughter of renowned Actor Peter Mark Richman.

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Kelly Lester Husband: Who Is Loren Lester?

Kelly Lester’s husband, Loren Lester, is a well-known American voice Actor on film, television, and stage.

He is most known for contributing his voice as Nightwing in the new Batman adventures and the animated television series Dick Grayson/Robin.

Kelly Lester Husband
Kelly Lester with her husband. (Source: Instagram )

He also holds a degree in theatre from Occidental College and has performed in over 100 radio and television commercials.

Loren started working when he was pretty young, and “Roy” in The Facts of Life was one of his first recurrent parts.

In the 1986 animated movies Defenders of the Earth and G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero, he also provided the voice of Rick Gordon, Flash Gordon’s son.

Loren provided Jordan Knight’s voice in New Kids on the Block in 1990. He performed the Gringo voice in the Don Bluth movie Thumbelina in 1994.

In Rock ‘n Roll High School, he also had the role of Fritz Hansel, one of the hall monitors.

Lester has played the lead in several plays and musicals. He has recently made his debut at The Pasadena Playhouse in Nol Coward’s Fallen Angels.

He is commonly spotted in the Los Angeles theater scene.

Kelly Lester Daughters And Family Detail

Kelly Lester was born on September 10 in the USA. Her real name was Kelly Allyn Richman.

Kelly Lester and Loren Lester got married in 1988 and have three daughters. Their daughters are Lily Lester, Jenny Lester, and Julia Lester.

Kelly Lester Husband
Kelly Lester’s husband and three daughters. (Source: Instagram )

Julia Lester, an American Actress and singer, is Loren and Kelly’s daughter. Jenny, their other daughter, works as a producer in the movie industry.

Both of them are proud parents of their three daughters.

She was born to her parents, Peter Mark Richman and Helen Richman. Lucas Richman, Orien Richman, and Howard B. Richman are Kelly’s three brothers and sisters.

Kelly is in high demand as a public speaker, using her personal experience and self-taught marketing skills to motivate and inspire other business owners.

As a sole mompreneur with no employees, Kelly appreciates her daily personal interactions with her fans and followers.

She also values the genuine connections she has forged and the emotional support she gets from her online community.

Kelly Lester And Loren Lester Net Worth Differences

Kelly Lester is a successful Actress and businesswoman. She has earned a sizeable income from her successful career.

However, from some sources, her estimated net worth ranges between $1 to $5 million.

She launched her side business,, in 2009 due to her natural ability to work effectively on a limited budget and her desire to pack her daughters’ lunches for school in a way that reduced waste and increased nutrition.

According to the source, Famous birthday, Loren has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

He is a successful voice Actor who has amassed a sizeable income and fan followers from his outstanding acting.

He also has appeared in plays at locations including the Santa Monica Playhouse, the Odyssey Theatre Ensemble, and the West Coast Ensemble.

Loren’s voice has appeared in various widely respected audio novels and well-known interactive games, including Halo 4 and Batman: Arkham Knight.

For Batman: Arkham Knight, he delivers the voices of Kirk Langstrom and Man-Bat.

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