Katharine wilder

Katharine Wilder is highly known for the role in the Tv series ” frontier.” But the case of being famous is primarily due to being the adopted child of comedian Gene Wilder. Katherine Wilder’s net worth is undoubtedly high due to the success of the entertainment field.

Katharine wilder is the adopted child of a famous comedy actor. The name earned is basically through the role played in Frontier as well. The daughter of the comedian is something to study. So, buckle uptight to know more.

Katharine early life
Katharine wilder

But before directly jumping into the life of the lady, let’s know some quick facts!

Katharine Wilder: Quick Facts

Full Name Katharine wilder
Date of birth N/A
Birthplace USA
Marital Status  Single
Nationality  American
Ethnicity   White
Profession Actress
Parents Gene Wilder and Mary Joan Schutz.
Children No
Salary Under Review
Hair color Light Brown
Eye color Blue

Net worth

Katharine Wilder’s net worth is not known to the general public.  Being the daughter of the famous comedian Gene Wilder, the lady’s net worth is surely in millions.

The adopted daughter of Gene is a secretive person. She doesn’t believe in sharing the information and also loves to keep it to own self. The readers surely might know that she earns a reasonable amount for the daily bread.

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On the other hand, the net worth of her father, Gene Wilder, is termed to be $20 million. The legendary actor is one of the well known of the comedy genre. So, the net worth count shouldn’t surprise any of the readers.


Katharine Wilder is best known for being the daughter of Gene Wilder. The exact date of the birth and the year is not known to the general public.

Katharine Wilder Bio
Katharine Wilder with father

The exact information is that she was born in the USA. The name of her parents is Gene Wilder and Mary Joan Schutz. Although the American lady is the daughter of such a famous personality, there is little to none information about her.

This shows the low key that the girl loves to maintain. There are rumors also that gene married Katharine’s mother to adopt the girl. The need and the desire to take seems so deep-rooted.

Early life and education

There is only the information that Gene adopted Katharine in 1967. Apart from the adoption, there is no information regarding the childhood of Katharine.

Katharine is a very lip-tight individual who loves to live far from the media. So, as a result, there is no information regarding educational attainment.


There is not much information about the job. Lately, the artist has been a bit more known to the media. In 2015, Katharine played the role of Mopsa in the winter’s tale.

The successful theater artist has played in other famous plays as well. Romeo and Juliet. The game was held in the Branagh theater, and it turned out to be a good one. However, the name came to the top limelight when the artist grabbed the role of Chaulk in the TV adventure series Frontier.

The other commendable movies that Katharine has been a part of are namely Murder on the orient express, sci-fi movie player Ready Number 1.

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The career of the lady is slowly coming to the limelight after the demise of her father. The roles being grabbed are basically of not so big names currently, but surely the class of the theater actor will come to the crew’s eye.

Personal life

Well, most of the people directly won’t know the name Katharine wilder, but when another name associates, then most would recognize Gene Wilder’s daughter. Gene has always been a big name in the industry with the class and persistence.

On the other hand, Katharine loves to be away from the media and also keep the information to ownself. According to the authoritative sources, Katharine is in no relationship at all. The actress has not made herself open to the media and believes in maintaining a healthy distance.

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On 29th August 2016, when the famous Gene died, it was the exact time when Katharine came to the media with a bang. So, the secrecy in nature is always understood as Katharine not being open-hearted.

Social Media Reach

There are always two sides to an individual, either being happy with the limelight or no limelight at all. The lack of interest in media shows the result that Katharine has no social media accounts at all.

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