Kai Hitchhiker Mental Illness

Kai Hitchhiker, the infamous online personality, has been a trending name since the release of his crime documentary on Netflix. “Was he mentally ill?”

Netflix’s true crime documentary, “The Hatchet Wielding Hitchhiker,” premiered on January 10, 2023, and details the murder of lawyer Joseph Galfy. 

At the beginning of 2013, a homeless man named Kai made headlines for saving a woman’s life by hitting her attacker with a hatchet and “smashing” him on the head.

Soon after the incident, he spoke with a local news crew; the interview quickly went viral, turning him into an overnight sensation.

Kai appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show, gave multiple interviews, and became a popular meme.

But only a few months after receiving widespread eye, he was detained for the murder of Joseph Galfy.

This article will debunk Kai Hitchhiker’s death hoax and discuss his crime and rumored mental illness.

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Was Kai Hitchhiker Suffering From Mental Illness? Reason For Murder Explored

Caleb Lawrence, aka Kai Hitchhiker, doesn’t have a mental illness. According to him, he killed Mr. Galfy in response to self-defense.

Kai visited New York three months after he became a web sensation, where he met Joseph Galfy at Times Square. 

Joseph invited Kai to rest at his New Jersey house after their Italian supper. 

Kai stated that he was drugged and sexually raped while sleeping when he woke up in Galfy’s home.

But he did nothing about it and left the house to stay with another fan. When the fan failed to arrive, he called Galfy and requested to stay again.

Kai Hitchhiker Metal Illness
Kai Arrested (Source: The Fresno Bee)

The second night of his stay, he awoke to discover Galfy sexually assaulting him.

As a result, he repeatedly struck Galfy in the head with his hands and elbows.

He was immediately detained for the murder of attorney Joseph Galfy, who was 73 years old.

Only his socks and underpants were on when Galfy was discovered dead at his New Jersey home, covered with a head injury.

A piece of paper with Lawrence’s name and phone number on it was discovered by police during their investigation under a laptop.

The authorities also found surveillance footage of Galfy buying Kai a train pass and the two of them exchanging goodbye hugs.

Later, Kai was caught at a bus stop in Philadelphia and admitted to killing Galfy.

Is Kai Hitchhiker Dead Or Alive? Death Hoax Debunked

After our research, we can confirm that Kai Hitchhiker is alive. The rumor about his death turns out to be false. 

He is currently serving his sentence in a New Jersey jail.

Kai was convicted of 57 years in jail in 2019 after being guilty of first-degree murder at 30. After he was caught, Kai Lawrence entered a not-guilty plea.

He was imprisoned for nearly six years while awaiting his trial, during which time he even pursued law and filed a series of cases alleging wrongdoing by the government in handling the case.

Kai Hitchhiker Mental Illness
Kai During The Trial (Source: The Teal Mango)

His defense claimed that the police had not sought out evidence that would have demonstrated whether the sexual assault had taken place or not.

The police claimed that Kai’s story had several flaws in it.

First, there was no indication of a struggle in the victim’s body. In addition, his memories of what happened altered with what was captured on camera (CCTV footage of the train station). 

Moreover, he testified in his own case, but the court reportedly had to issue a warning due to his aggressive behavior during the prosecution’s cross-examination.

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