Judy Walters Death And Obituary, murder

Judy Walters Death news sets up fear among the common citizens. Let’s look at why she was brutally killed.

Judy Walters, 65, often worked two jobs, even for her age. At times, the old woman would sell her plasma because of her responsibilities. She did it all to collect money to raise her two grandkids.

Sadly, the hardworking and loving grandmother was brutally shot and run over on Valentine’s Day. Reportedly, the two suspects also stole her car.

Walters’s 16-year-old grandson, Hunter, spoke with the press three days after her death. Let’s look at what the teen has to say about his beloved grandmother. 

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Judy Walters Death And Obituary

Unfortunately, Judy Walters, 65, was shot and then run over with her own car on Tuesday, 14 February 2023. The old woman was heading to work at an accounting Company.

Judy Walters Death And Obituary
Judy Walters’s Death shook her grandson Hunter. (Source: ABC 13)

Three days after Walters’s tragic death, her grandson Hunter, 16, reached out to the press and said: 

My grandma was just an amazing woman. Frankly, she deserved the world. She took care of all three of us by herself. Me, my girlfriend, my sister are out of words at this time. She took multiple jobs to ensure we were doing OK. 

I want the investigating team to try really hard to find the culprit. Honestly, I’m scared because no clues have led to the killers and I want justice.

The teen who lost his grandma couldn’t speak well while holding back tears. The source suggested that the concerned authorities believe that Walters was killed by people she likely knew.

Fortunately, doorbell cameras captured the suspects, and judging by the time; investigators reported that they waited at least eight hours for Walters to leave her apartment.

Walters alone took on the responsibility of Hunter and his older sister.

Moreover, her eldest son, who likes privacy, spoke out about his mother’s murder. He said: 

I contacted Police to break up the situation. Sadly, I couldn’t be there in time. Sadly after a day later she (referring to his mother Walters) was ambushed and killed. I think the intention is pure evil.

Walters’s eldest son, who gave the statement, said that an argument was raised within the family on 12 February. Also, he lives outside of Houston and doesn’t want to be identified. 

Similarly, Walters’s eldest son and his wife have three kids. 

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Owen Leonardo Arrested And Charged With Capital Murder

A teen named Owen Leonardo has been charged with capital murder. The teen living in Houston had connections with the murder of 65-year-old woman Judy Walters. 

Investigators were able to track down Walter’s murderer, and the killer was identified as 18-year-old teen Owen Leonardo Vilanova-Ardon.

The Police also located Walters’ car the next day she was murdered. Their narrowing in some suspects list was proven fruitful, as the arrest and charges have been made.

Walters’s eldest son had taken temporary custody of Hunter. Her grandkids were the children of her younger son. However, Walters’s younger son and his partner have left their kids’ responsibilities to their grandmother for over a decade.

Hunter asked his grandma Judy to adopt him, and she accepted. 

The teen grandson had plans for a job interview before his grandma’s tragic death. He and his late grandmother Walters wanted to save money to purchase a car.

Now, the Walters grandkids are grieving, and also they set up a GoFundMe fundraiser to help cover her funeral costs.

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