Josh Alexander Arrested

Josh Alexander Arrested: On Monday, a Catholic high school student in Canada was arrested after being suspended for speaking out against the usage of bathrooms by transgender people and claiming that there are only two genders.

The hatred directed towards transgender is a distressing and lamentable manifestation of the pernicious influence of prejudice and ignorance in our society. 

The arrest case of this high school student has caused a controversial stir on several social media, especially Twitter. Meanwhile, the student has now turned to Ontario’s human rights tribunal for assistance. 

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Josh Alexander Arrested, High School Student Suspended For Protesting Against Transgender People

According to The Epoch Times, Josh Alexander, a 16-year-old student at St. Joseph’s Catholic High School in Renfrew, Ontario, was told by the school administration that his continued attendance would be detrimental to the well-being of transgender students.

The high school junior took to Twitter to announce that he was arrested and charged by the Ontario Police for his attempts to attend class, which was in defiance of an exclusion order imposed after his suspension earlier in the school year.

In his conversation with The Epoch Times, Alexander explained that the idea of offense is contingent on the person who experiences it, adding that the situation became uncontrollable after he voiced his religious convictions during class.

He further stated that he understands not everyone will favor his beliefs, but this does not label him a bully or someone who engages in harassment.

He believes that individuals should be free to express their beliefs, even if they don’t conform to the established narrative.

Josh Alexander Arrested
Josh Alexander Arrested For Protesting Against Transgender Community (Source: Daily Mail)

According to the report, Alexander, a “born-again Christian” who initiated student action in support of last year’s trucker convoy, has not attended school since his suspension in November.

He was suspended for organizing protests at the school against the presence of biological males in girls’ bathrooms and for advocating in class the belief that God created two immutable genders.

The principal informed Alexander that his return to school would be allowed only if he ceased using the “dead name” of transgender students.

Moreover, he was required to be absent from classes with two transgender students who opposed his religious views regarding gender.

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Legal Proceeding On Josh Alexander Arrest Case

Despite being lifted in January, Alexander’s suspension has continued due to the Renfrew County Catholic District School Board excluding him for the rest of the school year.

Alexander’s legal counsel at Liberty Coalition Canada confirms this. Alexander has not yet determined if the exclusion, technically not disciplinary, will extend into the following year.

James Kitchen, Alexander’s legal counsel, reported that the school had accused Alexander of bullying transgender students.

His lawyer stated that Alexander’s actions do not fall under the definition of bullying, as determined by reasonable people.

Josh Alexander Arrested
Highschool Student Josh Alexander Arrested In Canada (Source: NY Post)

He also noted that Alexander does not engage in behaviors such as seeking out transgender students and insulting them. Instead, he expresses his views on their statements, beliefs, and actions in the virtual world and the classroom.

Alexander intends to challenge his initial suspension by appealing to the provincial human rights tribunal later this month. This move will bring his case to a school board panel for review.

The appeal process has reportedly encountered a technical snag regarding Alexander’s independence from his parents. Meanwhile, The head of St. Joseph’s Catholic High School told Fox News Digital that Canadian law prevents him from discussing the ongoing case.

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