For a few years now, Hollywood has been obsessed with recreating the classic shows and movies. As a result, we will be able to see ‘The Witches’ with new casts and modern twists. From the bunch of new casts, Josette Simon, in particular, has caught our attention.

Not a new name in the entertainment world, Josette is a British actress. She has been acting for over forty years now and still counting. Despite spending so much time, Simon has persisted on bringing something new every time.

Josette Simon age
Josette Simon, 59, British Actress

Keeping that in mind, we thought it would be rude to not talk about her. Hence, in this article, get to know everything about this stunning and veteran actress; from her professional to personal life.

Josette Simon: Quick Facts

Full Name: Josette Patricia Simon OBE
Age: 59 years
Birth Date: November 15, 1960
Horoscope: Scorpio
Birth Place: Leicester, Leicestershire, England
Ethnicity: White
Nationality: British
Height: 5 feet 6 inches(168 cm)
Profession: Actress
Marital Status: Divorced
Spouse: Mark Padmore
Social Media: None

Who is Josette Simon?

Josette Simon, who is starring in the new version of ‘The Witches’ has been in the entertainment industry for over forty years now. Some of her acclaimed works include Wonder Woman, Skins, and The Witcher.

Josette Simon on her parents and early life

Josette Patricia Simon OBE, who is well-known as Josette Simon is a bonafide actress in the entertainment world. She was born and raised in the Leicester, Leicestershire, England. Naturally, she is British by nationality, while her ethnic background happens to be black.

Likewise, the brilliant actress has not revealed the names of her parents and siblings. But we do know that Simon was the youngest of four siblings and was raised by their Caribbean “Windrush Generation’ parents.

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Sadly, Simon’s mother passed away years ago due to Alzheimer’s and did her dad last year. She often expressed how her parents never approved of her acting career.

Simon recalls,” I was here in Leicester holding their hands when each of them died. I loved my parents and forgave them for not seeing my work.” 

According to her, Simon’s parents never imagined her to take on acting. And also it never occurred to them as a product as studying languages at university.

Education and College

Unlike many other celebrities, Simon never abandoned her studies. In fact, she was one of the hardworking and studious individuals in her class. Before pursuing her career as an actress, Josette had planned of going to university to study languages.

Similarly, young Josette went to Alderman Newton’s Grammar School for Girls. But after accompanying her friend for a choir, Josette changed her mind. And certainly, meeting with Alan Rickman helped her to make a decision as well.

Hence, in order to study acting, young Simon enrolled at the Central School of Speech and Drama in London; upon hearing Alan’s suggestion. Not to mention, she spent three years in the college just like other actresses, Maggie Smith and Vanessa Redgrave.

Moreover, Simon is also fluent in French and British Sign Language. She is also a Patron/Trustee of several organizations for the deaf as well.

How old is Josette Simon?- Age and Height

Now, talking about her age, Josette is already 59 years old. The Leicester-native Simon was born on the 15th of November in the year 1960. Also, her star sign happens to be Scorpio, who is known for being mysterious, passionate, and sensual individuals.

Aside from her intellect and acting skills, Simon is also praised for her beauty. Already in her late-50s, she is still stunning and oozing aura. She is 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 57 kgs. 

Other than that she has got a curvy figure that gives a glamorous appeal. Added to that, Simon looks ethereal with her short dark brown hair and black eyes.

Josette Simon On her Acting Career

Right after graduating from the Central School of Speech and Drama, Simon was picked to play as Dayna Mellanby for the season 3 and 4 of the series, Blake’s 7. It is amazing since as a young highschooler, Simon never thought about being an actress.

And to think Josette is an introvert is more than shocking. It is ironic thinking about how her work revolves around movies, television, cameras, and whatnot. However, Josette thinks her nature is what makes her a great actress.

“Introverts often make better actors than extroverts- it’s ironic but that’s the truth of it.”

Likewise, in her four decades of long cinematic career, Simon has appeared in numerous movies and television shows. Looking at her filmography, it is certainly dominated by small screen compared to feature film works. She has starred in a handful of movies such as Cry Freedom, Red Lights, Wonder Woman, Detective Pikachu, and The Witches.

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Moving on, Josette made her television debut from the series Blake’s 7 as Dayna Mellanby which ran from 1980 to 1981. After that, she had back-to-back works in productions like Play for Today, Capital City, Silent Witness, The Last Detective, Hercule Poirot, Lewis, Skirts, Casualty, Merlin, Death in Paradise, The Split, Nightflyers, and The Witchers. 

Aside from her on-screen appearances, Simon is also a notable stage actress. She has performed with the Royal National Theatre and Royal Shakespeare Company. 

Moreover, as a black actress, Josette has been at the forefront of colour-blind casting, talking roles usually considered to be white.

Awards and Achievements

Thanks to her performance and diligence as an actress, Josette has been honoured with a lot of awards. For her performance in Golden Girls, Simon was nominated for the Best Actress at the RSC. Back in 2000, she received OBE award for her service in drama. It was right after her Achievers Award that year.

Similarly, Simon received Plays and Players Most Promising Newcomer in 1984 after her debut. Not to mention, she has received numerous others, further elevating her actress status.

Some of those awards include Best Actress Plays and Players Award 1985, Best Actress Paris Film Festival Awards 1987, Best Actress Evening Standard Drama in 1991, and many more.

Likewise, Josette who loves studying got her honorary Masters of Arts degree from the University of Leicester in 1995.

Net Worth and Income

As of 2020, Josette has collected a hefty net worth of $6 million from her successful career as an actress. During her four decades career, Simon has worked in numerous movies and shows including Wonder Woman, Skins, The Witchers, and other theatrical works.

Not to mention, Josette is active pretty much behind the camera as well. To communicate with her friend’s deaf son, Simon learned BSL.

Likewise, Simon is not only an acclaimed actress but a kind person as well. But being an introvert, there is so much that people don’t know about her. It also includes her income and other assets.

Josette Simon Talks About Her Divorce and Daughter

Already in her late 50s, Simon is living a single yet comfortable life at the moment. She was married to her husband, Mark Padmore, who is a British tenor, and appears in concerts, musicals, and operas. The two tied the knot in 1996 but divorced sometime in 2004; only after eight years.

Josette Simon daughter
Josette Simon with her daughter

Together the former couple has a daughter, already an adult. Because of her, the two parted partners are still close and work together.

According to Simon, her daughter is an ardent cellist and study music at Oxford. But any further information like her name and such is not provided.

Other than her small family, Simon loves spending time with her friends in her London house. Despite being an actress, most of her friends come from various backgrounds which she loves.

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At the moment, she is devoting to learn ice-skating, yoga while also maintaining many charity works. And not to forget, Simon also emphasizes how she is happier now than she has ever been.

“It’s funny. When I was about 20, I read an article saying that older women were the most contented of all age groups. I thought, how can they be- they must be getting ready to die!”

Social Media Presence

At the moment, she is not active in any social media.

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