Fans are curious to learn about Jorge Ferrandis. As for him, Ferrandis was arrested in the case of murdering and burying his partner in Barcelona. Here are the other details stated.

A Civil Guard unit has arrested 44-year-old Actor Jorge Ferrandis on suspicion of killing, dismembering, and burying his 42-year-old partner in Pontons (Barcelona).

The incidents occurred in July 2021, but it wasn’t until recently that the interpreter was detained following a search of his residence by the Eye Inspection Team (ECIO) of the Criminalistics Service, a special division of the Civil Guard.

Jorge Ferrandis Actor Wikipedia And Biografia- How Old Is He?

As for Jorge Ferrandis’s age, he is currently 44 years old.

Likewise, Jorge’s biographia is the one who has shot several short films in the Catalan capital.

Likewise, Catalan is the same place where he resided and allegedly murdered his lover.

He is a professional at fencing, juggling, stage combat, sports driving, and theater.

Jorge Ferrandis
The alleged location of Jorge Ferrandis’ partner’s burial. (Source: Espana Diaro)

In the details of the murder Ferrandis committed, the interpreter was moved to a cellar on Castillejos Street, where authorities think his companion was murdered and mutilated.

According to La Razón, Jorge Ferrandis planned to murder his spouse in July 2021 and store the body in a freezer for that entire time.

The body was discovered by a resident of Pontons, a tiny village outside of Barcelona, on a plot of land that had moved during this period after the Actor had purchased a home there.

He has never returned to the municipality after that time. The mayor of Pontons, Josep Tutusaus, refused to take Jorge at his word.

Given that the hole’s shape resembled a cemetery, he suspected there was a catch. He decided to inform the Nature Protection Service’s agents as a result.

Details Of Jorge Ferrandis Family Explored

Unfortunately, the details of Jorge Ferrandis’ Family members are not disclosed much. He appeared to be private in terms of it.

Jorge Ferrandis
Pictures of Jorge Ferrandis circulated the internet after the paparazzi shot them.
(Source: Marca)

The Actor purchased the property in Pontons, a little village with only 500 residents. Because they are not accustomed to seeing many people from outside, the residents were initially startled by his presence.

Items about the deceased woman were uncovered during the search of Jorge Ferrandis’ residence, and the suspected equipment the Actor used to dispose of the body. The remains were divided among 16 plastic bags and buried two meters beneath the surface.

He was arrested after the Civil Guard determined that he was the plot’s owner.

What Is Jorge Ferrandis Net Worth?

Unfortunately, the net worth of Jorge Ferrandis is not disclosed in the media.

He was gaining popularity slowly. However, he will probably get a life sentence after his crime.

Similarly, he does not have any social media, which may have been removed due to legal reasons. More news on his side of the story will be revealed soon.

So far, his version of the story is that Ferrandis rejected the evidence and informed the agents that his companion had wanted to kill himself and that he had only given him the land and farm to do it.

He explains that he was forced to dispose of the body and the refrigerator where he had hidden it after it was dismembered out of concern that they would believe he was the one who had committed the crimes.

The judge was not persuaded by this argument, as he ordered the man’s temporary entry to prison without bail as the alleged perpetrator of a murder motivated by gender-based violence and the subsequent concealment of the body.

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