Joe Gatto

Nothing in the world is so uncontrollably infectious as good humor and laughter. As we all know, making someone laugh is the hardest skill to have, but surely, this individual is doing great work. Joseph Gatto, AKA Joe Gatto, is one of the show’s Tenderloins troupe, ‘Impractical Jokers.’ This show has made lots of fans worldwide, and there is more to him and the show.

Joe is an American improvisational comedian who, after casting in Impractical Jokers, came into the limelight. He is also one of the founders of an American troupe called ‘The Tenderloins.’ The jovial character has a lot to share in his personal and professional life. Here we will let readers know in detail about it.

Joe Gatto
Joe Gatto
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Let’s see Joe’s story, bio, career, rise to the limelight.

Joseph Gatto: Quick Facts

Full Name: Joseph Gatto
Age: 44 years old
Birth Date: June 05, 1976
Horoscope: Gemini
Birth Place: Staten Island, NY, USA
Father’s Name: Joseph Sr.
Mother’s Name: Gerri Gatto
Education: Degree in Accounting
Profession: Comedian, Actor & Producer
Height: 5 feet 10 inches (1.78m)
Net Worth: $ 500,000
Ethnicity: Italian-American
Nationality: American
Hair Color: White/Black
Eye Color: Dark Brown

Joe Gatto Wife and Kids

Joe Gatto is a proud father and a loving husband who is very happy with his family and on social media would always share their posts. There is no information about how they met, but one thing is sure they are made for an extended period.

On 2 September 2013, Joe married his wife, Bessy Gatto. Bessy supports her husband very much and is more like his social media manager. It was a pretty close event with the family and friends attending it.

To support her husband, Joe Gatto’s wife uses all of her social media networks. She has more than 50,000 followers on Instagram. Bessy is 35 years old; she was born on April 11, 1982. Interestingly the wife is a vegetarian who loves to talk about animal rights protection along the way.

Bessy Gatto And Joe Gatto
Bessy Gatto And Joe Gatto
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Everything was going pretty decent when the couple was blessed with children to strengthen their relationship. Milana Francine Gatto was born in 2015 on May 7, two years after the duo got married, their first child. Joe Gatto seems to share a special bond with his daughter, who Gatto calls ‘papa’s girl‘ and shares their pictures on his social media pages.

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Joe took to Instagram on February 9, 2017, to announce their son’s arrival. He wrote,

“Make room girls! Baby brother Gatto will be crashing our tea party this summer #ahumannotapuppy #babynumber2.”

Joe Gatto
Joe Gatto
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His son Remington Joseph Gatto was born on July 31, 2017. Joe announced the news to his fans via Instagram,

“I’m excited he’s finally here. [My daughter] Milana made me love being a dad so imagine it’ll now be twice as fun.”

Till this point in time, Joe is going pretty well in his career. The love relationship of this man is also outstanding. Due to the lack of no rift, we feel this will go for an extended period.

Joe Gatto Wiki-Bio

Joe Gatto was born in Staten Island, New York City, USA, as Joseph Anthony Gatto Jr. on June 5, 1976. Gatto attended ‘Monsignor Farrell High School’ and graduated from LIU (Long Island University) with a degree in Accounting.

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It’s somewhat disconcerting for someone who studied accounting to become a comedian, but Joe gave an insight into it and confessed,

“To be honest, the only reason why I even got an accounting degree is that my father said every company needs an accountant and you can work anywhere and I was also really good at math.”

In addition to his comedic career, Gatto worked in a baby retail store until January 2011.

Career Of Joe Gatto

Can the readers imagine taking up the study material so that you can get the job? Well, Gatto took up accounting as his father suggests an accountant is the need of the time. But life had other plans for the man. In 1999, Joseph founded The Tenderloins comedy troupe with his friends at high school, Mike Boccio, James Murray, and Sal Vulcano.

However, Brian Quinn later replaced Mike Boccio. The troupe is best known for its TV series, Impractical Jokers on TruTv, which won the $ 100,000 grand prize in NBC’s competition for your show.

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In six-show seasons, he has started and is set for the seventh season. Joe also wrote and starred in The Tenderloins 2009 TV movie and appeared in 2014 on the Jokers Wild TV series as well.

Joe is associated with many charities and causes and often conducts fundraisers for an organization called the Daniel Music Foundation, which mentally and physically challenges members with a comfortable social and economic platform.

Sal Vulcano impractical jokers
Sal Vulcano

Also, Joe supports groups of animals and likes to rescue dogs. He is significant in supporting anti-bullying organizations and is known to work with the RoundTable Hero.

Together with Mike Pullano and Derek DeAngelis, he co-hosts a podcast called PBR, an acronym for Pizza Beer Revolution.

Family Of Joe Gatto

Joseph Gatto is of mixed ethnicity as his family is of Italian ancestry, and Joe often prides himself on his big Italian family.

He is the youngest of three kids; he has two elder sisters, Gina, and Carla, with whom he has relationships with ‘best friend.’ Gatto said that,

“I’m also the youngest of 15 cousins in my generation.”

His father’s name is Joseph Gatto Sr., and he died of pancreatic cancer in 1995 as a result of excessive alcoholic poisoning, so Joe never touched alcohol all his life. But one thing is sure he is pretty close to all of his family members.

His mother was also dead. He once worked in the baby retail store in Giggle to support his family until January 2011. So the early time of his life was not pretty decent to share with the readers.

Body Measurement Of Joe Gatto

He stands at the height of 5 Feet 10 Inches tall.  Joe stands at a tall height, and his slim body is the result of the regular workout. His hair color is white and black, and his eye color is dark brown.

Joe Gatto Net Worth

Comedy is a difficult genre, and the least amount of people are able to master it with ease. Joe has done his bit and also did good on the net worth count. As of now, his net worth stands at $500,000.

Joe’s net worth is known to the general media but what is surprising is the fact that there is hardly anything available about the annual income and assets owned.

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