Jim Toth: Career, Reese Witherspoon & Net Worth

There are many cases when an individual hits the fame button after being associated with a well-known personality. Readers might have heard about Reese Witherspoon for sure, but how many of you have heard about Jim Toth.

Yes, the people hearing about him is less, and it is understandable. Jim is not highly famous for his work but mainly for the fame of his better half. There are lots of people talking about Reese, but today it is the turn of Jim. Stay with us as this article is going to be interesting.

Jim Toth net worth
Jim Toth

Before directly jumping into anything, let’s have some quick facts that help

Jim Toth: Quick Facts

Full Name James Joseph Toth
Date of Birth 1970
Nickname Jim Toth
Marital Status Married
Birthplace Pennsylvania, USA
Ethnicity White
Age 50
Profession Celebrity
Nationality American
Height 6’1″
Eye color Brown
Hair color Dark Brown
Spouse Reese Witherspoon
Children 3
Net Worth $4 million


James Joseph Toth was born in 1970. The exact date of birth is not known as some of them claim to be January 1st. The name of his father is Jimmy Joe Toth, but the mother’s name is not known to the general media. It is due to the secret nature of the celebrity that nothing on the sibling is also available.

Jim holds the American nationality and belongs to the white ethnicity. His zodiac sign cant is said due to no proper information about the exact date of birth.

Age and Body Measurements| How Tall Is Jim Toth?

Jim is 50 years old as of now. He stands at the tall height of 6’1,” but the weight is not known to anyone. Looking at the age and height, Toth has maintained an average body weight, which suits the man’s massive personality. Sadly nothing on the vital body statistics is also available.

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Jim has been hitting the 50’s but surely looks decent to steal your heart. He has always been the ladies man with the charm and charisma. Anything on the shoe and dress size will be updated soon. To complete the physical outlook, dark brown hair, along with the eyes of the same color, plays an important role.

Early Life and Education

Jim was born in Pennsylvania, spending his early life there with the family and siblings. His early life was pretty much of a ride, without a doubt. Toth’s grandfather was an immigrant from Hungary who worked in cable and also served in an army.

Moreover, his father also worked as blue-collar personnel in a steel town. This suggests the fact that there was a hardship for most of his needs to be met. Still, the freedom in the family allowed him to be part of the showbiz world.

In the educational background, Jim was part of Loyola Marymount University in LA, where he studied political science. In his study days, Toth was more into extra-curricular activities, be it sports. His athletic body figure and interest suggest a career in the same field too.


Like every big-name, Jim Toth started his career with some struggle. His first work was as a financial consultant who made him humble and hardworking, but he was focused on entering the showbiz world for sure.

In this same urge, Toth started serving in the mailroom of Creative Artist Agency in 1995, which is after graduation. His hard work and determination made him the top talent agent at CAA up until now.

Readers might find it astonishing, but his work with A list actors is pretty commendable up until this point in time. After putting in the hard yards in September 2010, Toth was named the two heads of Motion Picture Talent in LA.

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Well, one of the better achievements for the man. Jim might not be the frontman in the camera, but he has made lots of people actors. Some of the gems found by Jim are Jamie Foxx, Matthew McConaughey, Robert Downey Jr, Chris Evans, Neil Patrick Harris, etc.

For success to be gained, people need to change their places from time to time, and Jim is the prime example. After serving in CAA, he left the job to be part of WndrCo. Katzenberg.

Yes, it is the same firm that headed Dreamworks Animation. The central theme of this organization is to make deals to tell the stories in a new way through Quibi. Looking at it feels like Toth has found a new career and also required passion for livelihood.

Wife| Who Is Jim Toth Wife?

If you are looking out for talent, then inevitably, beauty comes in the way. Both Reese and Jim met during their field of work. One as a talent agent and another as an artist.

Interestingly the first interaction was not in this way, though. Reese and Toth were attending the same party, and Jim saved Witherspoon from a pretty tough situation, be it a drunk man.

This act of help won the heart of Reese, and things started to happen. At that point, Reese was dating Jake Gyllenhall, but immediately after the breakup, she was with Jim. To be precise, Reese and Toth started dating in March 2010.

Jim Toth wife
Jim Toth with Reese Witherspoon

Things went from good to better and best. On 28th December 2010, Jim Toth proposed to Reese with a four-carat diamond ring, and they got engaged.

In the quest to strengthen their relationship, both the lovebirds walked the aisle on 26th March 2011 in Ojai, California. It was a lavish wedding which was attended by big celebrities.

Reese and Jim were going perfect when they were blessed with a kid named Tennessee James Toth in 2012. Before this, the agent was a stepfather to two of the kids.

Even though he is the stepdad, Toth loves all of his kids and shares a pretty good bond with them. Up until now, due to the lack of any rift, we feel their relationship will go on for an extended period.


If you are a prominent artist, then controversy keeps you in the hype all the time. Similar is in the case of Witherspoon, where she got herself in a tangle.

In April 2013, the couple was arrested for drunk driving and basically on the wrong side of the lane. When a police officer interrogated the situation, Witherspoon tried to threaten the police using her status.

For all of her shameful acts, she was arrested and later came out paying fines. Looking back in time, Reese surely laughs at the hostile act done to the police and promises never to repeat it.

Net Worth| How Much Does Jim Toth Earns?

It’s a tough task to find out gems that take the acting world right up above. Some of the talent agents tend to do a decent job. Jim Toth has done it with great success and made a great fortune for himself. As of 2020, Toth’s net worth stands at $4 million.

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All of this is the 2-decade long contribution in finding the gems of the industry. His dedication is undying. But there is no information about the annual income or assets owned.

Yes, he is happier traveling and spending time with his family but has gone silent on the assets information. If something pops out, readers will be updated.

Social Media Reach

Jim Toth loves to work behind the camera. Due to this fact, the fan following is not so high compared to Reese Witherspoon. So it’s a pity that fans cant follow Jim Toth on social media.

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