Jim Hoffer

It is a dream for any individual to win Emmy awards for their work, but what if someone wins it multiple times. Well, Jim Hoffer is someone who has won the Emmy awards multiple times. Through his dedication and hard work, Jim made it a success.

Jim Hoffer is an investigative reporter who has been part of various big stories in history, be it 9/11 or the 2003 Blackout. The story of the TV presenter is something of a pure rollercoaster. So, hang tight till the end to know more.

Jim Hoffer
Jim Hoffer

Before directly knowing about the man, lets me know some of the facts about the famous personality!

Jim Hoofer: Quick Facts

Full Name Jim Hoofer
Date of Birth 1963 /11 /01
Nickname Jim
Marital Status Divorced
Birthplace USA
Ethnicity White
Profession Investigative reporter
Nationality American
Height 6′
Siblings N/A
Age 56
Birth sign Scorpio
Parents Sam Hoffer & Patricia Hoofer
Net Worth $2 million

Jim Hoffer Wiki-Bio

Jim Hoffer was born on 1st November 1963 in the US to Sam Hoffer and Patricia Hoffer. The man belongs to white ethnicity and holds an American nationality. The successful TV personality received his bachelor’s degree in journalism from Temple University in Philadelphia.


After the completion of the graduation, Jim joined WABC as an investigative journalist. The stairs of success went on, and in June 1998, the man joined channel 7’s eyewitness news investigative team in New York City.

The effect of the man’s work can be seen by the fact that the laws changed based on the security in both states as well as the federal level.

Some of the prominent examples are the fact that the report based on the transit engineer who was working even after losing his car license made a good buzz in the news department. Along with it,  the coverage regarding the medical fraud in Harlem ended in the shut down of the medical store.

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The man has won lots of awards as proof of his hard work spanning from Emmy awards to Peabody award, Dupont award, and many more.

Jim Hoffer Net worth

The man is continuously giving his hard yards to make the country free from corruption, bad deeds, and poor outputs. As a matter of fact, the career has spanned out to more than 20 years.

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The man is a reputed personality due to his work and no negotiation to truth ethics. The reporter has made a net worth above $2million as of 2019.


The reporter did find someone of a similar genre to spend life with. As a result, he got married to his longtime girlfriend, Mika Brzezinski. The couple tied the knot on October 23, 1993. The event, however, was a very private ceremony. At least people were called to attend it. The ceremony took place in Block Island, Rhode Island, at the west side church.

JIm hoffer relationship
Jim Hoffer with his ex-wife

The couple were happy with their marriage and were blessed with 2 children as well. The first one was Emilie hoofer, born in 1996, and Carlie hoofer, who was born in 1998.

The couple’s relationship was good going, but in 2016, they decided to divorce. The main reason for their divorce was termed as Mika’s affair with Joe Scarborough, who is a former Republican congressman.

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The couple denied the fact earlier but got married immediately after Mika got divorced. Jim lives in Manhattan currently.

Former wife- Mika Brzezinski

Mika Brzezinski was born on 2nd May 1967 to political scientist and diplomat Zbigniew Brzezinski, who served as an advisor to US president Jimmy Carter and Lyndon b Johnson. The former wife of Jim is a journalist and liberal political commentator.

The lady’s hard work can be determined by the fact that she was present during the event ground zero on the field during the morning of the September 11 attacks.

Jim and Mika met each other for the first time in WTIC-TV and started dating as well. Apart from being such a reputed TV personality, their marriage and relationship were kept under the radar most of the time.

Social Reach

The TV reporter Jim Hoffer is active on social media, where he updates his daily activities. You can get him on;

Twitter-9199 followers

Facebook– 4439 followers

Instagram- 1010 Followers

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