Jerry Jones sister is just two years younger than him. However, she has never been in public and kept her status private.

Jerry Jones, born on October 13, 1942, is an American billionaire businessman, owner, president, & GM of the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL.

Jones has been known for his hands-on team management approach and active involvement in football matters.

He made controversial decisions such as firing legendary coach Tom Landry and replacing him with former college teammate Jimmy Johnson.

Despite facing criticism and fan backlash over the years, Jerry Jones’s impact on the Dallas Cowboys and the NFL cannot be denied.

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 Meet Jacquelyn Jones: Jerry Jones Sister

Jerry Jones sister is Jacquelyn Jones, born to parents Arminta and J.W. Jones in Los Angeles, California, and spent her early life in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Jacquelyn’s father was an entrepreneur who owned an insurance company; however, more details about her mother and father are unavailable.

Her mother was Mrs. Pat, who used to be socially active and a well-known businesswoman.

Jerry Jones sister was born in 1944 and is two years younger than the GM of the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL.

Jerry Jones Sister
Jacquelyn Jones’s mother used to be a businesswoman and was called Mrs. Pat. (Source: bestofarkansassports)

However, more details about her profession and relationships are not readily available.

Even though she belongs to a family from a business background and is socially active, she has kept her identity confidential, which shows she is a low-key private person.

Family of Jerry Jones 

Jerry Jones, the proprietor of the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League (NFL), is known for his success as an entrepreneur and businessman.

Jerry is married to Eugenia Jones, an associate member of the Board of Directors for AT&T and a significant contributor to the accomplishments of the Arts.

Jerry and Eugenia make a beautiful couple and have three children: Stephen, Charlotte, and Jerry Jr.

Stephen was born on June 21, 1964, and serves as the chief executive vice president of player personnel for the Dallas Cowboys.

Charlotte was born on July 26, 1966, and serves as the team’s administrative vice president and chief brand officer.

Jerry Jr. was born on September 27, 1969. He is the Cowboys’ chief sales and marketing officer known for maintaining a home in Destin, Florida.

Jerry Jones has won several awards and honors, including the FWAA College Football National Championship in 1964, three Super Bowl victories, and the Outstanding Team ESPY honor as the Dallas Cowboys owner in 1993.

Jerry Jones Sister
Jerry Jones with his family. (Source: theboysareback)

Jones was listed as one of the ten people the Ernst & Young publication selected for the Businessperson of the Year Award in 1994.

According to Forbes, Jerry Jones has an estimated net worth of around $8.6 billion as of 2021.

However, Jerry Jones’s family has been integral to his success as they are known for contributing to the management of the Dallas Cowboys, making the business and the club thrive financially.

 Net worth of Jacquelyn Jones

Though Jacquelyn’s details are unavailable, but, her only sibling Jerry Jones has a net worth of $8 billion and is a famous American billionaire.

Jerry has acquired his wealth through his successful ventures as an American businessman and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys football team since 1989.

During his tenure, the value of the Cowboys franchise has appreciated significantly, contributing to Jones’ billionaire status.

He has also been involved in various business ventures, including a partnership with Yankee Global Enterprises to create Legends Hospitality, a corporation serving entertainment venues.

Jerry Jones Sister
Jerry Jones is a prominent billionaire with a net worth of 8 billion USD. (Source: Barret Sports Media)

Overall, Jerry Jones has amassed a considerable fortune through his entrepreneurial endeavors and ownership of the Cowboys.

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