Janey Godley daughter has disclosed that her mother will have to undergo Cancer treatment again!

Janey Godley is a Scottish comedian and writer known for her sharp wit and humor.

She has been performing stand-up comedy for several years and has made appearances on various TV and radio shows in the UK.

She has also written several books and released comedy albums.

Just five months after announcing that she was free from the disease, she shared the sad news through her Twitter account.

Who Is Janey Godley Daughter Ashley Storrie?

Ashley Storrie is a British Actress and TV host famous for her stand-up comedy under BBC Scotland.

Born on 19th April 1987, she is the daughter of Janey Godley, a well-known comedian and writer in Scotland.

She was born and raised in Glasgow, UK, and comes from a Scottish family with a comedic background. Ashley is currently married to Sean Storrie.

Janey Godley Daughter
Janey Godley Daughter Ashley Storrie (Source: Daily Record)

Janey Godley Daughter, Ashley, began her career in 2017 and quickly gained fame through her work on BBC Scotland.

She began with reality shows as a contestant and later transitioned to radio hosting. She is currently the host and comedian for BBC Scotland.

Despite her comedic background, Ashley has mentioned that she initially tried to avoid a career in comedy but found that she wasn’t good at the jobs she tried to fall back on.

She is also very active on Instagram, sharing her life and regularly making memes. You can find her account at @ashleystorrie.

Despite her parents’ comedic background, she grew up with many family issues, including addictions, abuse, and gangland criminality.

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Janey Godley Family Tree 

Tracing her family tree, Janey Godley, the comedian and writer, uncovered some fascinating information.

One of her most intriguing discoveries was that her daughter, Ashley Storrie, was part of a long line of women named Julia, dating back to the early 1800s, all bearing the surname Derham.

Additionally, her great grandparents, Annie and James, passed away on the same day in December 1952, significantly impacting the family.

Godley also found that the name Gunn was present in her family tree.

Janey Godley
Janey Godley said she wanted to get back to the stage (Source: BBC)

Immersed in her ancestor’s history, Godley found it captivating to learn about how they lived and how they never realized that she would one day be writing about them.

Her research also uncovered the journeys of Dutch and French immigrants who settled in Scotland and Glasgow and the limited information left in parish records and marriage certificates.

She is reflecting on the potential DNA passed down to her & her daughter, Ashley, & the lives and passing of the women in her lineage.

She also noted that her dad’s lineage revealed Irish and French roots, while her mother’s lineage was strongly Scottish and highlanders through and through.

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Janey Godley Illness Update

Janey Godley, a comedian and writer, had previously announced that she was clear of ovarian Cancer.

However, in a recent update, she revealed that the disease has returned and that she will now have to undergo chemotherapy.

In a video posted on Twitter, Godley informed her followers that she still plans to go on tour early next year but that it may be the final time fans get to see her perform on stage.

Godley explained that ovarian Cancer was in stage three, which means it is treatable but not curable.

Despite this setback, Godley remains determined to get back on stage and fulfill her 27-date “Not Dead Yet” tour in February and March.

Janey Godley
Janey Godley fighting ovarian Cancer (Source: Daily Record)

She is also receiving support from staff and specialists at the Beatson Cancer Centre in Glasgow.

This new development is challenging for Godley and her family, significantly after they were initially relieved to hear that she was cured.

But her strong determination and positive outlook toward the situation are inspiring.

Despite her challenges, her return to the stage and plans to entertain audiences demonstrate her passion & dedication to her craft.

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