Jadran Malkovich wife

Though fans and followers are eager to unveil the man’s relationship status and past dating timeline, some information still needs to be discovered about Jadran Malkovich Wife.

Is Jadran’s ex-wife Misha Katarina Nadj still in connection with him?

Jadran F. Malkovich is a multilingual international actor, director, and musical performer.

The actor hails from German-Serbian background, and as per reports, he was born in Germany but later moved to Serbia with his family.

According to the reports, the actor has dual citizenship, an EU passport, and a Serbian passport, allowing him to travel visa-free between all EU countries and to many third countries with which the EU has bilateral agreements.

With the indefinite right to remain and working the UK, Jadran has a permanent working base in London, but he’s also actively working in Germany, Serbia, and Croatia.

Moreover, talking about Jadran’s personal life, we must remember to discuss that the actor was born in 1997 in Leverkusen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

Working since 2010 in the entertainment industry, the actor/director has worked in eight movies & 12 television shows.

Further, Malkovich has worked as Leon Trotsky in Assassin’s Creed video game and has even worked in game and movie production.

People over the internet are often found questioning the existence of Jadran Malkovich’s wife, but the actor seems to remain silent on his relationship status.

Moreover, Jadran’s fan’s comments on his Instagram show their interest in exploring details about his spouse and other info about his life.

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Who Is Jadran Malkovich Wife? Unveil His Current Relationship Status

According to the sources, after the divorce from Misha Katarina, the actor is living a single but happy life.

So there is a high possibility that Jadran Malkovich’s wife only exists on the date since the split.

With the help of profound speculations, sources believe the actor is dating someone from around London.

Because of his notoriously private dating timeline, this is the first time anyone has looked at the other side of Malkovich’s life.

Still, his fans believe the multi-disciplinary actor has a long relationship history, but nothing much is revealed about any of the past connections.

Jadran Malkovich Wife
German-Serbian Origin Actor Living A Potentially Happy & Luxurious life Divorce. (Source: Instagram)

Though Jadran is actively present on social media and often posts work-related pictures and several individual posts, he has managed to keep things off the public eye until today.

In conclusion, today, the people who wildly follow Malkovich should understand his relationship status is currently single.

And even if something happens privately in the actor’s life, researchers are already working to establish connections and find details regarding the subject.

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Relationship Timeline With Jadran Malkovich Former wife Misha Katarina Nadj

Misha Katarina Nadj is the ex-wife of Hollywood star Jadran Malkovich.

According to the sources, Jadran Malkovich’s ex-wife works as an executive coach and HYL teacher.

Followers believe the former couple met during an HYL session which Jadran was by fortune attending.

The ex-pair caught up and made a strong bond with each other.

Soon, they started dating, and after several months of continuous dating, Misha and Malkovich decided to tie the knot to stay forever.

They happily stayed in London, but the couple filed for divorce due to internal tensions and later split up.

After a few years of divorce, Misha Katarina Nadj moved on with another man in Opatija, Croatia, and they married to live happily there.

In contrast, Malkovich seems to enjoy his single life and have fun.

But as per information available on Jadran’s Instagram, his former wife split up with him on good terms.

Repeated birthday wishes from both ends support this fact. 

Jadran Malkovich wife
Jadran Malkovich With His Ex-wife Misha Katarina, aka Mili & Her New Husband In Lovran, Croatia. (Source: Instagram)

The actor has even shared pictures with Misha and her new husband enjoying birthday parties together.

Jadran Malkovich’s ex-wife left him for whatever reason, but both ended the relationship on good terms and are still in touch. 

These statements are based on speculations by researchers and sources since no information about past life is available on the internet.

And because of probable cause of mishandling and misuse, viewers are kindly requested to abide by the disclaimer.

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