Jackie Christie Weight Loss

Jackie Christie Weight Loss is the subject of speculation for her fans; they want to learn the weight loss tips she followed to gain a stunning figure.

Jackie Christie is the wife of the former basketball player Doug Christie. They tied the knot on July 8, 1993. Jackie is known for her appearance in the reality show “Basketball Wives LA (2011).”

Similarly, the couple had a reality series, ‘The Christies: Committed,’ to highlight their professional as well as personal lives. But the show was canceled after six episodes. 

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Jackie Christie Weight Loss: How Did She Gain Her Stunning Figure?

In an interview, Jackie Christie admitted that she has a sweet tooth and she struggled for long-time eating sweets.

She said eating sweets made her tired, groggy, and less motivated to do things. Her husband has always been her biggest inspiration to lose weight.

Doug is a fitness enthusiast and always takes care of his and his family’s health. He encouraged and motivated Jackie on her weight loss journey.

Jackie Christie Weight Loss
Jackie Christie flaunting her stunning figure (Source: Instagram)

The reality star said her family started drinking Apple cider vinegar which helps in weight loss. Similarly, the drink helps to burn bad calories and is good for digestion. 

Christie added – she makes the drink by adding 8 ounces of water with two tablespoons of vinegar. The drink gives energy, and it is very effective.

The basketball wife also focused on working out with her trainer. She also followed a nutritional diet and never missed drinking a lot of water.

Jackie and her family always advocate the importance of health and encourage others to take care of their health with a balanced diet followed by light workouts or exercises.

Jackie Christie: Husband and Kids Explored

Jackie has been married to her husband, Doug Christie, for 30 years. The couple shares two children: Chantel and Douglas Jr. 

The athlete was born on May 9, 1970, in Seattle, Washington. His full name is Douglas Dale Christie. He is an assistant coach for the Sacramento Kings of the NBA.

During his tenure in NBA, he played as the shooting guard. Similarly, he served as a commentator for the Kings on NBC Sports California.

Jackie Christie Weight Loss
Jackie Christie with her husband, Doug Christie (Source: Instagram)

The pair has a ritual of exchanging vows yearly on their wedding anniversary. However, Jackie was previously in an intimate relationship at an early age before getting hitched by Doug. 

As a result, she was pregnant with her eldest daughter, Takari Lee, at a young age.

The name and other personal details of Lee’s father haven’t been revealed. However, it is reported that he is currently in jail.

Reportedly, Takari and her mother, Jackie, don’t have a strong bond and connection. Lee said her mother and father used to be business partners, which gradually became personal.

Takari alleged Jackie once she was born, her mother became estranged, and she was left with her maternal grandmother. So, they never had a mother-daughter relationship.

Though Lee tried to be close to her mother several times, she failed to forge a relationship as Jackie never made an effort to reconcile.

How Much is The Net Worth of Jackie Christie?

According to Net Worth Post, the estimated net worth of Jackie Christie is around $10 million. However, there is no concrete evidence of her net worth.

They are solely based on the information found on the internet.

Christie rose to fame after appearing in the reality show ‘Basketball Wives LA’ which brought her new opportunities the line.

Jackie Christie Weight Loss
Jackie Christie with her friends (Source: Instagram)

The reality star is also a writer and ventured into book publishing in 2007. She has published books like ‘Woman,’ ‘Sexual Relations,’ ‘No Ordinary Love,’ ‘Proud to be a Colored Girl,’ ‘Luv Pons’ and ‘In The Land of Sex & Money.’

Similarly, she owns a fashion line called ‘Slayed by Jackie Christie.’ Additionally, Jackie founded a music production label company, Jean Fya Records, and an entertainment firm, BSM Media.

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