Isobel Yeung

Journalist tends to dig the dead graves to find the gist of an incident. Every day we wake up with new ideas and plans, thankful for the excellent sleep. But it is not the same for all people. People like Isobel Yeung sometimes has to put their life at risk for their job.

For those who are confused, Yeung is an award-winning journalist currently working for VICE HBO as a correspondent. As mentioned above, her life is always at risk, going to dangerous places and covering news. There are lots of fans of Isobell who want to know about her personal life.

We thought it would be more than amazing to write about such an interesting character — more on her right below.

Isobel Yeung age
Isobel Yeung

Before we move any further, here are some facts about Yeung.

Isobel Yeung: Quick Facts

Full Name: Isobel Yeung
Age: 33 years
Birth Date: November 02, 1986
Horoscope: Scorpio
Birth Place: Salisbury, England
Nationality: British
Ethnicity: Mix(Chinese and English)
Weight: 56 Kg(123 lbs)
Height: 5 feet 3 inches(160 cm)
Hair Color: Light Red
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Profession: Journalist, TV presenter
Net Worth: $500,000
Marital Status: Unmarried
Social Media: Instagram, Twitter


Born from a Chinese immigrant father and English mother, Isobel Yeung took her first breath on November 2, 1986. Raised in Salisbury, England, Yeung is British by nationality and is of mixed ethnicity.

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The name of her mother is Marguerite Yeung, but the name of the father is out in the dark. Added to that, Isobel has two siblings with whom she is pretty close and shares a good bond.

Similarly, her father, whose name is unknown, left Hongkong in the early 1980s for a better life. Then he opened a small Chinese restaurant and continued at it even after marriage.

Early Life and Education

Isobel was born in England, but her early childhood was pretty migratory, which suggests that it had been hard for her. With all the movements, most of her childhood needs were fulfilled with ease. Added to be a journalist, there was freedom for her.

For his children’s better education, Yenug’s father worked for almost 24 hrs and six days a week. Because of her father’s dedication, Yeung graduated from the University of Nottingham.

Age and Height

Born in the year 1986, the journalist is 34 years old as of now. She will soon turn 33 on the second of November this year. Also, her birth sign is Scorpio. People under this sign are determined, secretive, and secretive.

Moreover, the young journalist stands at the height of 5 feet 3 inches(160 cm) and weighs about 56 kg(123 lbs). Also, Yeung has got the traits from both of her parents.

The average height is accompanied by a slim body, which might be the result of a regular workout. She has got light red hair and dark brown eyes. Anything on the shoe and dress size will be updated soon.

Isobel Yeung: Early Career

Yeung did not have any fixed plan or idea of which profession she wanted to follow. So m after her graduation in 2009, the young journalist moved to China with the sole purpose of learning Chinese and traveling the country.

During her time there, Yeung took a job with a state-run media in Shanghai and worked there for a while. But later, she quit the job and took work as a freelancer for productions and broadcasters. Moreover, when she felt Asia was under-reported, Yeung started her in-depth coverage of events.

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Furthermore, she started her work from China when the Vice correspondent came up with TV Channels in Asia and the UK. No matter the place and topic, Yeung never deterred from her work and provided reports for different publications like The Independent, The Telegraph, The Guardian, and China Morning Post.

VICE: Under-Reported Stories

Soon her work led to New York working fulltime in Vice. With Vice, Yeung rose to prominence. She broke, pushed many boundaries, and achieved a lot of things. Not to mention, her work also led to many dangerous places like DRC. There she interviewed people allegedly raped by the military.

Moreover, she also went to Libya and became the first correspondent to report on scandals surrounding the smuggling of migrants. There she met embed coastguards and captured migrants.

Furthermore, Yeung has covered many other issues all around the globe. She has raised her voice for women’s rights in a conservative place like Afghanistan, where the legislation stops violence against women.

Regarding the issue, she interviewed the country’s member of parliament, Nazir Ahmad Hanafi. When asked about the law, Yeung was threatened that maybe he should hand her over to an Afghan man who would rape her.

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Because of her work and voicing for the struggles of women in Afghanistan, the journalist won a Gracie Award in 2017. Similarly, she won the Front Page award the following year.

Isobel Yeung: Husband and Personal Life

Despite the hectic schedule that takes her to different places, Yeung has managed to find love. She is in a romantic relationship with her boyfriend, Benjamin Zand, an Iranian-British journalist, and filmmaker.

Moreover, Zand has made documentaries for BBC, and just as she traveled to dangerous places, including Kabul and Afghanistan. He even went to Caracas in Venezuela, which is considered to have a high kidnapping rate.

Isobel Yeung husband
Isobel Yeung with her boyfriend, Benjamin Zand

Similarly, Zand was recognized as the Young Talent of the year at the 2016 Royal Television Society. There’s so much information regarding their work, but not even half can be found regarding their dating life. Just to be clear, they have not tied the knot as husband and wife.

What’s interesting about Yeung is the fact that Benjamin is the first love interest of the lady, and there has hardly been any other man. Well lucky for both of them. We wish them good.

Net Worth and Income

The work of journalists is tough on its own. No matter how much one gets, it is never enough. As of 2020, the young Yeung has a net worth of $500,000. But her worth is immeasurable for the information that she provides.

However, the British journalist has not disclosed all the information when it comes to her assets and income. Also, she has not shown any interest in luxurious items.

For all the contributions and the hard yards she puts for the general people’s safety, this amount is a minimum. Whatever might be the case, she has a lavish life with her loved ones.

Social Media Presence

With all of the busy schedules, Yeung finds time for her fans, which is pretty commendable and also on the forefront. The fans of Isobel’s work can follow her on social media profiles to know about her personal life too.

Instagram–  90k Followers

Twitter–  57.4k Followers

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