Island Boys Without Tattoos

Island Boys Without Tattoos has been trending as a photoshop specialist has shown what one of the ‘Island Boy’ rappers would look like.

The Island Boys are an American hip-hop duo that became prominent through the video-sharing website TikTok. The South Florida-based combo consists of twin rappers Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja. The popularity of their song “I’m an Island Boy” propelled the trio to fame.

They were asked to participate in the “Ultimate Social Boxing” reality program in May 2022. The documentary “Trolled: The Untold Island Boys Story,” which detailed the twins’ business and personal life, was released in December of that year.

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The Island Boys have had several social media feuds with other social media characters such as podcaster Adam22, rapper Blueface, siblings Logan Paul and Jake Paul, TikTok personality Bryce Hall, and mainstream celebrities such as comedian Kevin Hart and musician Snoop Dogg.

Island Boys Without Tattoos: Before And After Photos

A photoshop specialist has shown what one of the ‘Island Boy’ rappers would look like if he didn’t have his trademark face tattoos or spiked hair.

Ora, a TikTok user, was asked if they could continue their Photoshop challenge and take on Kodiyakredd, one-half of the famous Florida musicians who have taken over social media.

Island Boys Without Tattoos
Island Boys’ New Haircut And Swag (Source: Dexerto)

The photoshop specialist easily erased all the inkings on his face, but it appeared to be a bit more challenging to guarantee that all of his neck tattoos were gone.

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Ora then slapped on a stock image of a man dressed in a black suit and tied with a white shirt, and the image was very amusing, given he still had his signature haircut.

The TikTokker then removed each huge strand of hair and replaced it with a comically lousy stock picture of a simple black comb-over.

Ora even gave Kodiyakredd white teeth to complete the image, as he had a gold grill in the original photograph.

“Went from Island Boy to CEO of an island,” one spectator remarked. “Dude, you look like a Mafia city Leader level 30,” said another. A third person stated: “Dude! Return the churros on his head.”

Ora has built a reputation by performing photoshop makeovers on some of the most tattooed celebrities.

They successfully removed all designs from the faces of Tekashi 6ix9ine, Post Malone, Lil Wayne, Lil Peep, The Game, Trippie Redd, and others.

Who Are Island Boys? Meet Franky and Alex Venegas

The Island Boys are a hip-hop duo that rose to prominence on the social media platform TikTok. The group comprises twin brothers Franky and Alex Venegas, who go by the Kodiyakredd and Flyysoulja.

Island Boys Without Tattoos
Island Boys after their album release (Source: Sportskeeda)

The trio is from South Florida and rose to prominence because of the popularity of their song “I’m an Island Boy.”

Franky and Alex Venegas were born in Florida on July 16, 2001, and were raised by a single mother after their Father died when they were six. 

According to the source, the brothers became a viral phenomenon in October 2021 with a poolside rap that became a meme, and they have since accumulated a considerable social media following.

The Island Boys’ reputation has been somewhat contentious, with some accusing them of cultural appropriation and others applauding them for their music and distinct style. 

Whatever your feelings are, the Island Boys have influenced the music and social media sectors and continue producing new songs and material.

The twins have been accused of stealing Afro-Caribbean culture and aesthetics. They’ve also been chastised for employing racist slurs in songs like “Wicked Way.”

What Is Island Boys Net Worth In 2024?

The net worth of the Island Boys is believed to be approximately $1.2 million. The Island Boys are American twin brothers who became online celebrities after their song “Island Boys” went viral.

Franky and Alex Venegas are their proper names. Alex created Island Boys, known for their single “Island Boys.”

Their annual income is $70,000 as of 2023. Their primary source of income is TikTok and companies, as well as their YouTube channel, which has 28.4K followers and over 8 million views. PewDiePie’s net worth is unknown.

They also sparked uproar when they were jailed for burglary when they were 13 years old and later shared a video with a home arrest bracelet.

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