Teddy Hart Related To Bret Hart

Is Teddy Hart Related To Bret Hart? Fans are curious to know more about them as they share the same surname.

Edward Ellsworth Annis, better known by his ring name Teddy Hart, is a Canadian-American professional wrestler. He is now competing on the independent circuit.

Hart debuted in July 1995 in Rockyford, Alberta, alongside his brother, Matthew, defeating his cousin, Harry Smith, and TJ Wilson.

Hart wrestled in the Calgary-based Stampede Wrestling organization alongside Smith, Wilson, and Jack Evans. He fought for and was a significant creative figure in the Matrats promotion in 2000. 

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In 1998, Hart became the youngest individual to be signed to a World Wrestling Federation developmental contract and was sent to train with Dory Funk, Jr. at the “Funkin’ Conservatory.” Nevertheless, because of an apparent attitude problem, he was eventually dismissed by the WWF.

Is Teddy Hart Related To Bret Hart? Family Explored

Teddy Hart is related to Bret Hart. Teddy Hart, Edward Annis, is Georgia Hart’s son and Bret Hart’s nephew. Bret Hart’s older sister is Georgia Hart, making Bret Hart Teddy’s uncle.

Teddy Hart Related To Bret Hart
Teddy Hart Carrer Ups And Down (source: Rollingstone)

Teddy Hart, also known as Edward Annis, is a professional wrestler from the famous Hart wrestling family. Teddy Hart is the nephew of two of WWE’s most famous wrestlers, Bret Hart and Owen Hart. Teddy Hart is the son of Georgia Hart, Bret and Owen Hart’s sister.

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All eight of Stu’s kids wrestled. Two of them, Bret and Owen, rose to prominence and success in the World Wrestling Federation (WWF, now WWE), with many of the WWF’s significant storylines in the mid-1990s revolving around Bret and Owen and their brothers-in-law.

The family is associated with Canada in the North American wrestling landscape. Its Canadian heritage has often been highlighted in wrestling storylines, even to the point of overt opposition to American culture.

Still, most of its members also have American citizenship through the family’s American matriarch, Helen Hart.

The Hart family is well-known for its contributions to wrestling, and several of its members have achieved significant success.

Thanks to his evident talent, Teddy Hart built a name for himself in wrestling. He has worked in the WWE’s developmental system and has been in MTV’s Wrestling Society X.

Teddy Hart And Bret Hart Net Worth Difference Explored

Bret Hart is a $7 million net-worth retired professional wrestler, writer, and Actor. Bret Hart’s net worth results from his years in the wrestling arena. He is also well-known for his weekly column, memoirs, and numerous television appearances and roles.

He has five WWF Championships and two WCW Championships to his credit. Hart also wrote a weekly column for the Calgary Sun from 1991 until 2004.

 Considering all of Teddy’s sources of income and $80,000 as the typical yearly salary for a professional wrestler in the United States, we estimate Teddy’s current net worth to be about $8 million.

However, Teddy’s extraordinarily successful career has been plagued by several problems and a lengthy criminal record.

Where is Wrestler Teddy Hart Now? Is He in Jail?

Samantha Fiddler, Teddy’s ex-girlfriend, went missing in December 2016 while training to be a professional wrestler in Florida. As the Police conducted a comprehensive investigation, it was widely assumed that he was engaged in the tragedy. 

Even though Samantha was not discovered, the Florida Department of Law Enforcement stated that the professional wrestler was never considered a suspect in her abduction.

Teddy Hart Related To Bret Hart
Wrestler Teddy Hart Now (source: Thesportster)

Furthermore, until the FDLE absolved Teddy of all allegations in the 2016 disappearance of his ex-girlfriend, Samantha Fiddler, the general public felt Teddy was complicit in the disappearance. Yet, his conflicts and criminal past appear to have had a detrimental impact on his net worth.

According to the show, he has been in and out of jail multiple times, and while he has been charged with domestic violence, harassment, and sexual assault, all of those accusations have subsequently been dismissed.

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