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“Is Robyn Coffin Leaving Chicago Fire?” started trending after January 11 episode came out with shocking news. 

Robyn Coffin is an American actress who is best known for starring in the drama series “Chicago Fire.”

It follows the life of the Chicago Fire Department’s firefighters, rescue workers, and paramedics.

In addition, the show looks inside their professional and private lives in the fictional Firehouse 51. 

On October 10, 2012, NBC aired the series’ debut episode, which has more than 225 episodes and is currently in its 11th season.

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Is Robyn Coffin Leaving Chicago Fire? What Happened To Her?

No, Robyn Coffin isn’t leaving the show “Chicago Fire,” but she has suffered from a disease that worries fans. 

Robyn portrays the character of Cindy Herrmann, a senior firefighter and the wife of Christopher Herrmann.

Cindy visits a doctor in “Chicago Fire” season 11, episode 11, who informs her that she has been diagnosed with lung cancer.

Fans flooded social media after the episode’s debut to express how shocked they were to learn of this revelation.

Most of Cindy’s fans appear to wish for the best while dreading the worst.

Her health may become a top concern for viewers as season 11 progresses in light of this unexpected response.

Cindy has been on “Chicago Fire” since the first episode.

Early on, she was more involved, especially after she and Herrmann had to move in with her family after losing their home to foreclosure.

Robyn On The Show
Robyn On The Show (Source: Spoiler TV)

Despite having fewer appearances in the previous seasons, she continues to serve as a pillar for Christopher.

Together, they have five kids, and their wonderful relationship hardly ever faces problems.

It was a brave move on the part of the writers to give the character lung cancer, and it will surely affect the Herrmann family in the future.

According to the episode summary for “How Does It End?” airing on January 18, Herrmann and Cindy’s futures are uncertain.

The next episode is titled “How Does It End?” and will premiere on January 18, 2023.

According to the episode synopsis, Herrmann and Cindy’s futures are uncertain.

It is confirmed that Herrmann will struggle to accept his wife’s diagnosis and must make a difficult choice about his personal life.

Robyn Coffin Family 

Robyn Coffin was born in Los Angeles, USA, but her date of birth is unavailable. 

She keeps her personal affairs private since she dislikes being in the spotlight.

It is also unknown whether she is married or has a boyfriend. 

When Robyn Coffin was five years old, she already knew she wanted to be an actress like her uncle.

She attended the College of DuPage’s Theater department, where she earned the John Belushi Memorial Scholarship.

She later transferred to Columbia College, graduating with a bachelor’s in theatre.

After that, Coffin joined an agency, “Stewart Talent,” and has since made appearances in more than 45 high-profile shows.

What Is Robyn Coffin Net Worth?

According to MarriedBiography, Robyn Coffin has an estimated $1-$5 million net worth. 

Her major source of income is the roles and characters she portrays in movies and television series. 

In the flick “The Life and Death of an Unhappily Married Man, ” Robyn is depicted as a terrible boss” (2015).

The same year, she co-starred in the Sundance-winning film “Unexpected” with Cobie Smulders.

Coffin completed numerous roles over the summer of 2017 in the movies like “Love in the Time of Irony,” & “Every 21 Seconds.”

Likewise, she worked on “Widows” in 2018, albeit her segment was deleted from the final piece. 

In 2019, she co-starred in “Finding Hope” as Edith, a sympathetic Mormon.

Robyn During A Scene
Robyn During A Scene (Source: IMDb)

The actress produced the movie “Later Days” and “Incomplete Conversations” with the Silent Theatre Company, which premiered in 2019.

Her next source of income is advertisements and endorsements.

She has appeared in the commercials of Hefty Party Moms, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Marzetti, and Hebrew National Hot Dogs.

Moreover, Robyn is also a teacher and coach at the Vagabond School of the Arts.

The Coffin had to make some adjustments due to the epidemic, and she now works full-time for Endeavor Business Media in addition to her role on “Chicago Fire.”

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