About three weeks ago, Drill Central posted a video on their YouTube Channel titled “Kwengface Sentenced To 5 Years.”

So, Is Kwengface Arrested, or Is this another hoax created to gain media attention and clout before releasing a music album? Find out in this article!

The arrest news of Rapper Kwengface and a few other Zone 2 Rap Collective members caused UK Drill Fanbase to go nuts on YouTube, TikTok, and Reddit.

Zone 2, a British HipHop collective, is known for their favored music on YouTube and streaming platforms and their longstanding rivalry with Moscow17, which has resulted in several diss tracks and violence.

Is Kwengface Arrested? 

Drill Central’s Video mentioned that three members of Zone 2 Rap Collective, Kwengface, Trizzac, and Snoop, including another rapper Skatty, were sentenced to five years in jail.

This caused a lot of stir in social media and video-sharing platforms, with #FreeKweng being one of the trending hashtags.

According to Drill Central, they were sentenced for a shooting incident at the home of WoolYo Earna’s mother’s House in 2021.

The Peckham Rapper had announced his tour a few hours before his alleged arrest. To date, no well-known UK news sources have reported on Kwengface’s arrest.

Is Kwengface Arrested
Is Kwengface Arrested? Zone 2 Rapper Apprehended News creating havoc in UKDrill Community (Source: Instagram)

According to rumors on Reddit, his Instagram account is currently being handled by his record label since his social media is still actively posting about his upcoming albums.

It’s conceivable that, similar to numerous rappers recently detained for criminal activities, his team of producers may have created multiple songs for release to maintain audience interest while he is in custody.

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Kwengface’s Real Name And Girlfriend

To date, Kwengface has not revealed any information about his personal life in order because of possible threats from UK Drill Community, especially from Zone 2’s rival group, Moscow17 members.

Additionally, there is no disclosed information about his current girlfriend, however, in the past Kwengface was accused of being a woman beater.

One of his former female companions leaked footage of the incident where he was seen “punching and strangling” his ex-girlfriend Muna Gill. 

Furthermore, he has written music about stabbing and shooting women. It is unclear if the lyrics are based on actual events or are fictional, and there is a possibility that they were not meant as jokes.

Kwengface song
A snapshot from Kwengface x Giggs Latest Song Water | Is Kwengface Arrested? (Source: Instagram)

As mentioned above, Kwengface is a member of Zone 2, a hip-hop collective based in Peckham, London, along with several other popular London Artists such as Karma, Snoopy, and Trizzac.

They have a rivalry with Moscow17 and express it through diss tracks like “Zone 2 Step” in response to Moscow17’s “Moscow March. 

Authorities intensified their scrutiny of the group and drill music after a rise in violent incidents in 2018.

To curb the issue, certain group members like Kwengface were served with “rap injunctions,” which limited the themes they were permitted to rap about.

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Kwengface Net Worth

Popnable reports that Kwengface, the rapper from Zone 2, has an estimated net worth of $53.2K and earns an estimated $105.1K annually as of 2024.

He currently has about 220K Followers on his Instagram and 35.6K subscribers on his YouTube Channel. One of his famous songs, Plankton, has received almost half a million views on YouTube.

Authorities have restricted Kwengface to use some words and topics in his music (Source: Basement Approved)

Most of his revenue is generated from his active music career and extensive social media following, where he posts sponsored ads and brand deals. 

Kwengface has a dedicated fanbase who are into UK Drill and do not miss any of his live concerts and album releases.

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