Kanika Kapoor Pregnant

Is Kanika Kapoor Pregnant in 2023? Kapoor is a shining singer who sings popular hit Hindi film songs.

Indian singer Kanika Kapoor is known for singing popular Hindi songs Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan, Lovely and Kamli in Bollywood movies.

Kapoor was born on 21 August 1981 in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. She has been active in the singing profession since 2012.

Furthermore, Kanika Kapoor has also composed many songs, including Teddy Bear and Super Girl From China. She usually sings Western Pop and filmy genres of music.

Kapoor has been interested in music since she was a child. At 12, she began studying classical music with musician Pandit Ganesh Prasad Mishra.

Moreover, Kapoor used to participate with Mishra in many classical concerts. She used to participate in many music competitions at her school.

Concerning her education, Kapoor completed B.A. and then a Master’s in Music from Bhatkhande Music Institute. Later, she moved to Mumbai to pursue a music career.

Kapoor was awarded Brit Asia TV Awards, BIG Star Entertainment Awards, Filmfare Awards, and many others in her career.

However, some news might have flown on social media regarding Kapoor being pregnant in 2023. Let’s talk about this below.

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Is Kanika Kapoor Pregnant 2023? Health Update

Some news might be emerging on social media regarding singer Kanika Kapoor being Pregnant in 2023. Is Kanika Pregnant? What do you think?

For now, Kanika Kapoor has not said anything regarding her being pregnant. So, as she has not said anything, the news is just a rumor.

Kanika Kapoor Pregnant
Kanika Kapoor is the mother of three children. (Source: The Indian Express)

Kanika Kapoor is the mother of three children. She has not revealed anything regarding pregnancy, so she is not pregnant.

Kanika Kapoor is actively working in her singing profession. However, during covid-19 pandemic, she tested positive in 2020.

Kapoor tested negative after isolation and medical procedures and was discharged from the Hospital. After the incident, Kapoor became well and began working in her respective field.

Meet Kanika Kapoor Parents

Kanika Kapoor belongs to the Khatri family and the Dhai Ghar family group. She is the daughter of Rajeev Kapoor and Poonam Kapoor.

According to StarsUnfolded, Kanika’s father, Rajeev Kapoor, is a businessman. He runs his family business of electrical trading.

Furthermore, Kanika’s mother, Poonam Kapoor, runs a boutique. Kanika also has an elder brother Sasha Kapoor.

As per sources, Kanika’s brother is also a businessman and runs his own business in London.

They are very supportive and caring parents of Kanika. She received much support and love from her parents for pursuing a music career.

Meet Kanika Kapoor Husband And Kids 

Kanika Kapoor was married to NRI businessman Raj Chandok in 1998. After the marriage, she moved to London with her husband.

The couple also gave birth to three children. But after being for over a decade, the couple separated and got divorced in 2012.

Kanika Kapoor pregnant
After the divorce, Kanika Kapoor married second time with Gautam Hathiramani. (Source: India TV News)

Kanika Kapoor got married to businessman Gautam Hathiramani after dating for some years. The couple tied the wedding knot in London.

All family and children participated in the wedding. Kanika’s children were supportive of their mother’s second marriage.

According to Hindustan Times, Kanika’s older son, Yubraj, is 19. Kanika’s daughter, Aayana, is 17, and her younger daughter Samara is 15.

Overall, Kanika Kapoor is a brilliant singer who has been singing hit Bollywood film songs. Her songs have received much love and support from the viewers.

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