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Is Jesse MAFS Autistic? The participant on the reality show ‘Married at First Sight,’ is facing criticism after his behaviour on a recent episode which caused heated debate revolving around his “autistic” behaviour.

Jesse Burford shared a video on Instagram where he can be seen playfully removing his wedding ring and stripping it down in front of a television airing the show.

While filming his celebratory act on Instagram, Jesse’s friends can be heard chanting in the background, “Take it off! Take it off!”

Is Jesse MAFS Autistic? Health And Disorder Update

According to reports, Jesse Burford, a participant in “Married at First Sight,” was left feeling upset by a question posed by his wife, Claire Nomar, who asked him if he had autism.

Despite occurring during the couple’s rocky honeymoon in the Whitsundays, the discussion in which Claire Nomar asked Jesse Burford about his autism was not included in the televised broadcast of “Married at First Sight.”

Following a series of minor disputes, including disagreements about her fondness for astrology, Claire Nomar, a kindergarten teacher, reportedly asked her spouse if he was on the autism spectrum.

Jesse Buford
Jesse MAFS Autistic Behaviour noticed by fans (Source: Daily Mail)

A source told Daily Mail Australia that Jesse Burford was left feeling “pretty upset” by his wife Claire Nomar’s inquiry into whether he had an undiagnosed developmental disability, leading to negative repercussions in their relationship.

According to a source who spoke last month, Jesse Burford’s friend confirmed that he hasn’t been diagnosed with autism and that he does not meet the criteria for the disorder.

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Heated Debate On Reddit And Twitter On Jesse MAFS Autistic Behaviour

After a contentious debate on Reddit, it came to light that a user familiar with autism spectrum disorder had pointed out numerous indicators of the condition in Jesse Burford.

The user also criticized the producers of “Married at First Sight” for their negative portrayal of Jesse on the show.

Viewers of “Married at First Sight” weighed in on the issue, with many commenting that Jesse Burford had been unfairly cast as a “villain” on the show, especially considering the possibility that his actions may be attributable to factors outside his control.

The post received 61% upvotes, which suggests that most users on the subreddit agreed with the opinion that Jesse Burford’s portrayal of “Married at First Sight” was unfairly negative.

Jesse MAFS Autistic
Reddit Rampages on Jesse MAFS Autistic Behaviour (Source: Daily Mail)

A Twitter user recently commented on the ongoing debate about Jesse Burford’s behaviour expressing sympathy for him and suggesting that he may have an undiagnosed condition on the autism spectrum.

According to another Twitter user, watching Jesse Burford “go back into his shell” at the first dinner Party was challenging to manage, as this behaviour is common among individuals on the autism spectrum who are faced with confrontational situations.

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MAFS viewers slam Jesse for stripping to celebrate breakup with Claire

In a video shared on his Instagram account, Jesse was seen playfully removing his wedding ring and stripping down while standing in front of a television airing the reality show “Married at First Sight.”

According to some viewers of “Married at First Sight,” Jesse’s behaviour was embarrassing and immature. One commenter added that Claire was too good for him and that he had missed out on a chance to be with a wonderful woman.

In contrast, some viewers enjoyed Jesse’s video and expressed their support for him. One fan even called him their “favourite groom from day one.”

Fans critisize Jesse’s behaviour in Instagram after his split with Claire (Source: Daily Mail)

On Sunday’s episode of Married at First Sight, Jesse and Claire decided to leave the experiment, as Jesse struggled to come to terms with Claire’s affair with fellow groom Adam Seed.

Despite the recent Drama surrounding his exit from Married at First Sight, Jesse has publicly stated that he and Claire are still on good terms and could never stay angry at her.

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