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Meet the star of Netflix’s “Disconnect: The Wedding Planner,” Irene Paul. Learn about her husband, family, career, and net worth.  

Irene Paul is a Tanzanian actress who has starred in several movies. 

She is best known for working in movies such as the 2017 “Kiumeni.”

Paul has represented Tanzania on the world stage and made her country proud. 

In 2015, she won the ‘Best Actress Award’ at Tanzania Films Awards.

Irene is described as a talented actress who understands how to perform and give justice to the character.

In addition to that, she is extremely humble, making her the perfect kind of celebrity. 

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Who Is Irene Paul From “Disconnect: The Wedding Planner”?

Irene Paul was born and raised in Tanzania. 

Like most of her details, her date of birth and her parents’ details are kept secret. 

Irene Paul spent some time as an announcer before switching to acting.

Since then, it has been more than a decade since she has acted in Tanzanian movies.

Irene claims that she has used all these opportunities to look for chances that can advance her profession.

Poster Of The Movie
Poster Of The Movie (Source: Netflix)

She is set to star in the new Netflix movie “Disconnect: The Wedding Planner,” which will premiere on January 13, 2023. 

The romantic comedy film’s country of origin is Nigeria, directed by David ‘Tosh’ Gitonga. 

The story revolves around a desperate man, who falls victim to a con, and works against the clock to organize a lavish destination wedding for a significant investor.

The wonderful onscreen performances from a brilliant ensemble add even more enjoyment to the humorous story.

Irene Paul Husband And Family Explored

Irene Paul is married and is the mother of one girl named Wendo-Isabel.

Yet, she hasn’t revealed the name or photo of her husband and has always covered her kid’s face on Instagram. 

Paul enjoys keeping her private life a mystery; therefore, she avoids combining her personal and professional lives.

She thinks that rather than the other way around, people should admire and welcome her for her work.

Irene met her husband when she was still a struggling actress. The two fell in love and later married. 

Paul Covering The Face Of Her Kid
Paul Covering The Face Of Her Kid (Source: Instagram)

She expresses gratitude to her spouse for being one of those who supported her career.

The beautiful actress avoids scandal and tries to dodge going to luxurious locations; she stays inside her home and loves to spend time with her daughter. 

She is working to become the aspiration of girls and women in her country. 

Irene wants African youngsters to achieve all their dreams, not because of their skin colour or hair, but because of what they have inside.

She thinks everyone is a dazzling star, and the sky is the stage for anyone who displays their talent.

What Is Irene Paul’s Net Worth? 

The gifted actress Irene Paul’s exact net worth is unknown, but it is speculated to be more than $1 million.

Being one of the highest-paid actresses in Tanzania, she can easily collect a huge salary for acting in movies and shows.  

When she was young, she discovered that she enjoyed being photographed. Moreover, Irene favoured art and communication-based courses in school.

Paul used to think of growing up and being a journalist as she enjoyed the idea of being seen on television.

As a result, she majored in journalism in college.

Even though she desired to be a broadcaster, many people encouraged her to pursue acting instead. 

But that journey wasn’t easy; she was in her teenage years, with a face full of pimps, and she couldn’t compete with the beauty standards. 

However, Paul didn’t give up and searched for more acting gigs.

In the beginning, she even did roles for frees, giving her exposure that later became prominent. 

Irene is not only an actress but also a businesswoman who promotes her work.

She recently launched her brand, “naturaliSTAR,” which sells natural hair and beauty products.

Irene pushes natural beauty and wants every African woman to accept themselves for themselves. 

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