Hydeia Broadbent husband

Hydeia Broadbent husband and family are also topics many people want to talk about.

Hydeia Broadbent was an HIV/AIDS activist. She was born in 1984 with undiagnosed HIV.

Broadbent was adopted by Loren and Patricia Jones when she was 10 months old. Hydeia’s biological mother left her at a Las Vegas hospital. Three years after Hydeia was adopted, the hospital called her adoptive parents.

Hydei’s birth mother gave birth in the same hospital, and both the mother and child tested positive. After knowing it, Hydeia’s parents immediately tested, and Hydeia tested positive for HIV. Later, she got treatment.

Furthermore, while growing up, Hydeia Broadbent had pneumonia, brain and blood infections, and fungal infections in her brain. She developed AIDS when she was five.

Hydeia Broadbent began her activism at six. In her life, she went on to speak at many events like AIDS benefit concerts, college campus education events, and talk shows. 

In her life, she spent her time speaking and raising her voice for HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, promoting abstinence and safe sex practices. Sadly, Hydeia Broadbent passed away at the age of 39 on 20 February 2024.

Besides all, today, we will talk about her personal life, Hydeis Broadbent husband, and family.

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Hydeia Broadbent Husband: Was The Activist Married?

We have seen some curiosity in people about Hydeia Broadbent husband and family. Was she married?

Hydeia began her activism when she was six years old. She shares her story, and how growing up, she battled so many things and health problems.

Furthermore, Hydeia was predicted to die at the age of time. At that time, Hydeia dreamed of getting married before her death.

Hydeia Broadbent husband
Hydeia Broadbent was married to Tyler Small. (Source: YouTube)

So, her family and loved ones organized a small ceremony made friends for life and married her childhood friend, Tyler Small. Tyler also had ALDs.

Besides such a prediction, Hydeia survived and began her activism and social work throughout her life.

It seems it was a ceremony to make Tyler and Hydeia happy and to fulfill what they wanted to do.

Talking about her relationship, some sources suggest that she was in a relationship with several people in her youth. However, not much information about her love life is available, as Hydeia Broadbent prefers privacy.

Hydeia Broadbent: Daughter

Talking about children, as we have researched, Hydeia Broadbent did not have any children. Not much information is available about her children, and it seems Hydeia was yet to be a mother.

She has shared pictures with some of her loved ones and niece on her social media, but not much information is known about Hydeia’s love life and family. 

Hydeia battled many dangerous and life-threatening diseases in her childhood. Her biological mother abandoned her, but she was later adopted by loving parents and family.

They were very supportive of her and were there for her in both the good and hard times of her life.

Hydeia Broadbent husband
Hydeia Broadbent did not have any children. (Source: YouTube)

Hydeia suffered her battle with AIDS and worked many years of her life, supporting and dedicating her life to providing awareness and prevention of AIDS. Sadly, she passed away recently, leaving her loved ones in deep pain and grief.

Overall, Hydeia Broadbent was an inspirational person who raised awareness and work to prevent HIV/AIDS, and helped many people in need.

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