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HBO Chernobyl currently is one of the highest-rated TV mini-series ever made. The hype and guile the mini-series has made is something to be praiseworthy after the HBO Chernobyl Trailer release.

After the ending in the famous Games Of Thrones series, the audience wanted something new, and there it is something that is new and fresh. The miniseries is so terrifying that people have rated it right to the top of the chart. The buzz and the name HBO Chernobyl has made for itself is absolutely swashbuckling.

Chernobyl (2019)| Official Trailer| HBO

The best part of the series is basically how well it can hook up the audience. If readers are looking to get blown, bruised, and hooked up, this is surely the right thing. The radiation from the nuclear blast on April 261986, will surely jolt the audience in 2019 as the after-effects.

HBO Chernobyl Trailer 2019


On the night of 26th April 1986, the nuclear disaster that happened in the city of Pripyat shook the world. The Ukrainian government did all the bits to cover the mess up, but nothing worked.

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Chernobyl shows the cause and the effect the disaster brought to the general public as well. The miniseries is an example of struggle and the need to remain alive from the conspiracies as well.

Release Date

One of the most awe moments of the miniseries is that the whole story wraps up in 5 episodes. It is alarming to know how well the writers and direction team has worked to accommodate the destruction and aftermath in just 5 episodes.

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The series is basically based upon the Ukraine soviet union nuclear disaster that took place in 1986. In fact, the series shows how the Chernobyl disaster jolts the lives of people in half of Europe as well. The event is still known as the biggest man-made catastrophe ever to be recorded.

The ever-rising question is when will the finale episode be released then?

Well, it would be aired on 3rd June 2019 on Tuesday in the USA. The exact starting time is 9 pm. The name of the episode is Vichnaya Pamyat. The name of the episode is in Russian, while the English translations to Eternal memory. The 4 episodes surely have been a crowd puller, and the ending is no less to expect for the audience.

On the comparison fronts, the 5th episode will be aired on 4th June 2019 in the UK. The episodes can be viewed on NOW TV.

The promotional HBO Chernobyl trailer of the fifth episode is early out though.

The first episode of the series was aired on May 6, 2019, in the USA, while it was aired on May 7th in the UK.


The readers may feel hallucinated by the number of times the show is getting an appraisal. But some things are better viewed than heard. It is important to know what actually happened rather than assuming what might have happened.

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Some tweets are so delicately ravishing that it shows the accolades from the audience it deserves.




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