Rendon Labador girlfriend

Hazel Ortiz, a model & social media influencer, is currently dating Rendon Labador. Explore everything about Rendon Labador girlfriend & their relationship.

Rendon Labador is a Filipino motivational speaker, entrepreneur & vlogger whose journey as a motivational speaker began when he started incorporating his personal experiences into his art.

As an artist, he was always interested in exploring identity, memory, and community themes.

This led him to start incorporating more spoken word elements into his exhibitions and, eventually, to give full-fledged motivational talks.

Labador’s ability to connect with diverse audiences sets him apart as a motivational speaker.

In current scenarios, people are more interested in learning about Rendon Labador’s girlfriend, Hazel Ortiz & his family background.

So here, get an insight into the life of Rendon Labador’s girlfriend, Hazel Ortiz & his family background.

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Rendon Labador Girlfriend: Who Is Hazel Ortiz?

Hazel Ortiz is a TV commercial and print model, co-owner of Fitness Army Philippines, and a co-presenter of the program Despierta Orlando on Univision Orlando.

Rendon Labador’s girlfriend was crowned Miss Grand Puerto Rico 2019 and placed in the Top 10 at the Miss Grand International 2019 pageant.

There were rumors that the outstanding lady had withdrawn from Bb. Pilipinas, a beauty pageant, and she recently appeared in a McDonald’s TV commercial with Alden Richards.

Rendon Labador girlfriend
Rendon Labador & Hazel Ortiz. (Source: Facebook)

According to the sources, the couple has been in a committed relationship for a while.

Reports suggest Rendon Labador’s girlfriend proposed to the young man first in July & later; the couple got engaged in the same month in 2021.

Further details about the couple’s current relationship status are still in the discovery phase, so please stay tuned to get all the details.

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Family Of Rendon Labador

According to the sources, the motivational speaker & fitness expert Rendon Labador was born in a working-class Filipino family on July 23, 1985.

Reports suggest the outstanding personality is now 38 & currently lives with his girlfriend, Hazel.

Unfortunately, limited information about Rendon Labador’s family is available in the public domain.

However, sources discovered the professional was born and raised in the Philippines in a working-class Filipino family.

And the motivational speaker isn’t the only kid in the family; he has a sister named Raisa Labador.

Rendon Labador family
Rendon Labador’s Family. (Source: News Unzip)

Rendon’s parents’ names and professions are not publicly known. Still, the research is ongoing & everything shall be discovered soon.

Labador has frequently mentioned that his family has inspired and supported him.

The outstanding man has credited his mother for instilling a love for art and creativity.

Despite lacking information about his family, Rendon has spoken about the importance of family values and staying connected with loved ones.

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Rendon Labador Net Worth

Rendon has been a health specialist & motivational speaker for a long & with such a vocation, the 38 professionals have amassed a seriously decent income.

According to the sources, Labador’s estimated net worth is rumored to be between $3 million – $4 million.

Rendon Labador makes a good living as a certified personal trainer & has earned a decent income by selling his speeches & motivational videos.

In addition, he makes money by endorsing products and working with big brands to promote their products & brand.

Rendon Labado girlfriend
Image Of Rendon Labador. (Source: Wikibirthday)

And sources believe that the professional’s net income to hike to a new level in 2023.

Further information is in the discovery phase, so stay connected to learn more about Rendon Labador’s girlfriend & his family background.

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