Hayley Kiyoko controversy

Beautiful Girls Like Girls singer Hayley Kiyoko Racist Tweets built Controversy and trends on the internet again. However, this is not the first time her fans have expressed concern about her case.

Many dancing and singing fans are familiar with Hayley Kiyoko and her songs. But, this time, her saying went too far, posting racist tweets.

Kiyoko started as a child model and Actress and is now a famous singer and dancer.

As of this writing, she has gained more than 1.9 million followers on Instagram. Similarly, Kiyoko has at least 550 thousand followers on her Twitter handle. 

The singer’s new album Panorama is out now, and her latest album tour tickets are on sale.

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Hayley Kiyoko Racist Tweets

Beautiful singer and dancer Hayley Kiyoko faced a heavy backlash after screenshots regarding her racial jokes trended across various social media platforms.

Hayley Kiyoko racisit tweets
Deep in the Woods singer Hayley Kiyoko’s racist tweets streak controversy. (Source: Live Nation)

With more than 550 thousand followers on the platform, Lovely Girls Like Girls singer Hayley Kiyoko is receiving hate for using the N-word and other racial comments. She faced heavy criticism. 

But the rising star has yet to confirm the acknowledge and address her surfaced tweets. 

Recently, her old screenshots began to resurface and became viral, and she faced yet another outrage from the community. 

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Hayley Kiyoko Controversy Explained: What Did She Say?

Back in May 2018, singer Kiyoko built controversy, saying Rita Ora’s song “Girls had a dangerous message.”

Hayley Kiyoko twitter
Sleepover singer Hayley Kiyoko’s controversy with Rita Ora gained public attention. (Source: Allure)

Her comment arrived shortly after Ora dropped her single and collaborated with Cardi B, Bebe Rhexa, and Charli XCS. 

The newcomer singer mocked Ora and said her song took inspiration from Katy Perry’s song I Kissed A Girl in 2008. 

Kiyoko described the viral trend of impersonating the LGBTQ community negatively as dangerous.

According to Teen Vogue, she called the message was harmful cliché, and they don’t know any better. The famous young star said about Girls drinking wine and how that’s a harmful cliché of the trend: 

I have loved girls my entire life and I don’t need to drink wine to kiss a woman. This type of sending wrong message is dangerous as it completely belittles the very pure feelings of an entire community.

The misinterpreted values invalidates the whole community and I feel like I have a responsibility to protect the purity whenever possible. We should do it better.

Despite the deep controversy, Rita responded to Kiyoko’s comments saying people should not be that narrow-minded. But, she later replied in a meaningful manner, saying: 

Actually It was not that deep. The song doesn’t try to convey a message or anything. It’s really is just about that.

It was just about fun, a fun record.

Kiyoko recently released album, Panorama, has released many songs, including Deep In The Woods, Chance, Underground, For The Girls, and more. 

It looks like she is all booked for this year as well. 

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