Hareem Shah Family

Hareem Shah Family is a Muslim household; she is the youngest of three brothers and sisters and has been a social media sensation.

Fiza Hussain, also known as Hareem Shah, is a TikTok-based Pakistani social media sensation.

Hareem Shah’s video shot within the Foreign Office provoked controversy in October 2019, and Prime Minister Imran Khan sought an investigation into how Shah was authorized.

She suffered a backlash after a video recording of her conversation with federal minister Sheikh Rasheed was released. She was abused during a mall opening ceremony in Dubai in December 2019.

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Hareem Shah struck Mufti Qavi in January 2021 during a ‘dirty,’ ‘vulgar’ conversation and claimed Qavi physically harassed her and her cousin.

Hareem Shah filed an FIR in March 2021 against a friend for attempted murder and physical assault.

Who Are Hareem Shah Family? Meet Husband Bilal Shah

Hareem Shah was born in Pakistan to a Muslim household. Fiza Hussain is her given name. Zarar Hussain Shah is her Father’s name. 

Hareem is the youngest of three brothers and sisters. Aysha Shah is her sister, and Daniyal Malik is her brother.

Hareem Shah Family
Tik Tok Star Hareem Shah’s Father Breaks Silence About His Daughter (Source: Youtube)

She does not reveal any information about her family. In a public interview, Hareem’s brother, Daniyal Malik, recently spoke out in favor of her sister’s Money Laundering case.

Let us state that we have not confirmed whether Daniyal Malik is her biological brother.

When it comes to Hareem’s marital status, she is a married lady. On June 28, 2021, she secretly married her husband, Syed Bilal Shah.

Syed Bilal Shah is claimed to be the head of the Pakistan People’s Party.

Both stated they did not meet or speak on the phone before tying the knot. 

But, when they met, they both realized that they were intended for one other and that they should marry.

Following their marriage, the couple’s family members are pleased with their decision.

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Does Hareem Shah Have Kids? TikTok Career Explored

Mr. Syed explains that their marriage was planned via love. They have not disclosed any news about their pregnancy because they have been blissfully married for months.

Hareem Shah began her career in January 2018 by publishing a lip-sync video and comedy videos on her TikTok account. She got popular over there and is now followed by millions of people.

Hareem Shah Family
Hareem Shah Husband, Bilal Shah (Source: Tribune)

Mrs. Hasheem earned the moniker Drama Queen due to her several scandals. In October 2019, Hareem stirred up controversy with a single video shot inside the foreign office. 

She received a lot of outrage over this video, and Prime Minister Imran Khan even requested an investigation into how Hareem was permitted to film there.

Another scandal that has boosted her career and fan base is the public disclosure of a video clip of her chat with Federal Minister Sheikh Rasheed.

Later that month, in December 2019, she was harassed by members of the public during the opening ceremony of a mall in Dubai. She slapped the Mufti Qavi at the start of 2021, causing a fresh scandal.

What Is Hareem Shah Net Worth In 2024?

Hareem Shah is a Tik Tok Star and Social Media Celebrity. Her earnings are pretty good, and her net worth is between $1 and $2 million.

As previously indicated, Hareem’s bank accounts have all been stopped, and she struggles to meet her expenditures. Before, she was seen living a lavish lifestyle with her spouse and pals.

She typically goes to other countries to shop. She enjoys purchasing high-end stuff.

She has acquired several assets that have made her wealthy in various ways.

Despite her lavish lifestyle, divulging her trustworthy earnings as a social media celebrity and her net worth are difficult.

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