Hannah Wesche Parents

Hannah Wesche parents are heartbroken by their daughter’s death, who was just three years old. Get more information on the Hannah Wesche death investigation.

A babysitter who beat, shook and slapped a little infant in the days before her death received a prison term.

The 37-year-old had been taking care of the small girl at her Hanover, Ohio, home in the weeks before she passed away.

Ten days after having a seizure at home, where Partin is said to have physically abused the child, Hannah Wesche passed suddenly. A later confession presented in court revealed the information.

Who Are Hannah Wesche Parents Jason Wesche And Adrian Latham?

Jason Wesche and Adrian Latham, the parents of Hannah Wesche, were devastated when their daughter passed away after the assault of her babysitter on March 2018.

Hannah was a cheerful, bright, and very clever young girl. She laughed and smiled all the time. Hannah loved hot dogs and Minnie Mouse.

Hannah Wesche Parents
Hannah Wesche appealed for Lindsay Partin to serve life in prison. (Source: Journal-News )

She lives behind her parents, Jason Wesche and Adrian Latham, and sisters, Kaitlyn and Rachel.

Barry Wesche is her paternal grandfather, and David and Vivian Latham, as well as Kimberly Bayne, are her maternal grandparents.

According to a previous statement from the sheriff’s office, the Wesche family’s ordeal began on March 8 when Police responded to a report about an unconscious child at Partin’s House.

When Police and EMTs came, they discovered Hannah to be unconscious, having trouble breathing, and suffering from bruises all over her head and face.

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Jason Wesche And Adrian Latham Mourns The Death Of Their Loved One

According to the Father, the babysitter given the life punishment for the 3-year-old girl’s death must “spend the rest of her life in prison.”

After being found guilty of murder and injuring a child in connection with Hannah Wesche’s death, Lindsay Partin was given a sentence of 18 years to life in prison on Thursday.

Hannah Wesche Parents
A babysitter gets 18 years to life in prison. (Source: WLWT )

On March 8, 2018, Wesche slumped and passed away. The defense claimed that Hannah’s injuries resulted from many other factors, while the government claimed Partin’s mistreatment of the child caused the girl’s death.

Hannah Wesche’s mother, Adrian Latham, stated before the verdict that she will always and forever regret the loss of her brave daughter.

Hannah’s Father and uncle spoke to the judge, expressing their hope and daily prayers for her to receive the same treatment in prison as she did for their daughter.

According to Lindsay Partin’s confession, she “just slapped her up the side of the head when she got upset,” as heard in the confession video of March 9. She recalls picking her up and squeezing her after shaking her.

Babysitter Shook And Beat Girl To Death

In connection with the alleged attack of a toddler in her care on March 8, a grand jury has accused babysitter Lindsay Partin on six counts, including felony murder.

Even though she was ultimately convicted guilty of the murder, the Ohio woman’s lawyers argued that the woman got forced into confessing.

As reported by the Journal News, Wesche’s death was related to “tremendous brain damage” and extensive skull bruises from a forceful hit.

Partin stated that some of the child’s facial and chest injuries were caused by a fall, although she also argued that the baby had passed out after being dropped by her Father, Jason.

According to the prosecution, the babysitter was angry at the Father for being late with his $30 daily payments. She decided to express her frustrations with the daughter when she dumped a bottle of ketchup down the toilet.

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