The motive for mass killing & reason for suicide on the scene before getting caught has brought questions to the head of people, Was Hamburg shooting suspect Phillip F a psychopath, or was he mentally unstable?

A gunman killed six people on the night of March 9, Thursday, at a Jehovah’s Witnesses hall in the German City of Hamburg before turning the gun on himself & committing suicide.

Reports suggest Hamburg shooting suspect Phillip F was also found dead after Police raided the building for a couple of hours.

 According to the sources, six people were found dead after the sudden mass shooting handled by Phillip F, an unmarried former church member.

Before the locals reported the gun firing to the local Police, they immediately reached the crime scene & started understanding the situation.

Detail report is still in development, so until then, get an overview of Hamburg shooting suspect Phillip F & his motive.

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Hamburg Shooting Suspect Phillip F’s Suicide: Details & Case Overview

After the investigation & research, Police identified the shooter as a former member of the congregation & was unmarried.

And during the investigation, Police discovered the gunman was unmarried & was a former member of a church.

But the most exciting thing about Hamburg shooting suspect Phillip F is that there was no indication of a terrorist motive & other foreign influence on the man.

So the main question is, why did Phillip F attack the building, kill six people, including a 7-month-old fetus & injure more than eight people?

Hamburg Shooting Suspect Phillip F
Hamburg Shooting Crime Scene. (Source:

For now, the answer to the question doesn’t exist, so we plead before everyone to stay calm & stay connected to remain updated.

Local observers stated that they immediately rushed to a safe spot & called 911 for help & the local Police immediately reached the scene within minutes.

Police initially stated that only a pregnant woman had died in the attack, but the death toll reached six after a certain inspection period.

The local PD reported to news media that Hamburg shooting suspect Phillip F, aka the shooter, was still inside the building but was later discovered dead.

When an expert team examined the angle of the bullet fired at Phillip’s head, they discovered the bullet in his head was at an angle matching his hand position.

Moreover, the same bullet of the Koch gun was found in the Hamburg shooting suspect Phillip F’s head, with which he killed six & injure more than eight people.

The motive for mass killing & reason for suicide on the scene before getting caught has brought questions to the head of people, Was Hamburg shooting suspect Phillip F a psychopath or mentally unstable?

Hamburg Mass Shooting Case Study & Updates

Police discovered the shooter they identified from highway CCTV dead after killing six & injuring over eight people.

But the most disturbing, as well as the exciting question, was the motive of the killer & the reason for the suicide.

For the answer, research & investigation is ongoing, so for now, let’s see the latest updates on the trending subject.

According to a survivor’s statement, a woman was shot over ten times inside her car in the car park, but the lady escaped & fortunately didn’t die.

Police told the media houses that over 40 people fled the scene unharmed, but eight were severely harmed & six died due to bleeding.

Among six dead people, four were male, one pregnant female & her 7-month-old fetus.

The overview of CCTV footage explained how the Hamburg shooting suspect, Phillip F entered the building & broke into the worship hall on the first floor.

Hamburg Shooting Suspect Phillip F
Dead Bodies From Hamburg Shooting. (Source: The Daily Beast)

On Friday at around 12.30 am, officers conducted a second check of his apartment and discovered 15 magazines, 200 rounds of ammunition, laptops, and smartphones.

Philip’s dead body was discovered with 20 loaded magazines in his backpack, two in his palm, and nine empty magazines.

Although his motivation for the attack is still unclear, authorities have ruled out any political motivation, the Police chief stated at the press conference.

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