George Alan Kelly

George Alan Kelly was arrested and charged with first-degree murder concerning the killing of a man investigators suspect to be Gabriel Cuen-Butimea.

The Mexican migrant shot dead by an Arizona rancher after illegally crossing the border and fleeing into his land may be seen for the first time today, as his family demands ‘justice’ in his murder.

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Gabriel Cuen-Butimea, 48, was shot by 73-year-old rancher George Alan Kelly on Monday, January 30, after crossing into Kelly’s farm in Kino Springs, a rural region of Arizona approximately 1.5 miles from the border.

Who Is George Alan Kelly 73? Arizona Rancher Arrested For Murdering Mexican National

According to Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Gerardo Castillo, the homicide occurred on January 30 in the Kino Springs region outside Nogales, Arizona. The homicide occurred at the same address mentioned in public records for Kelly’s cattle property.

Neighbor Maria Castillo told CBS News station KOLD that individuals who had crossed the border were prevalent in the neighborhood, but it was never an issue.

George Alan Kelly
Authorities say Kelly killed Gabriel Cuen-Butimea, 48, (Source: Nypost)

He begged a judge earlier this week to reduce the sentence or release him, citing his old wife’s inability to care for their animals alone, but he was sent to jail.

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Cuen-Butimea attempted to enter the U.S. illegally many times before Kelly shot him dead.

According to records, he was deported multiple times, the most recent being in 2016. It could be more apparent if he crossed the line onto Kelly’s land before Monday’s event.

Sheriffs said they had never met. Many elements of the case are unknown, including whether Kelly can use the stand-your-ground defense.

Cuen-family Butimea in Mexico is mourning his death and seeking justice while Kelly awaits his next court appearance.

According to Castillo, authorities are still trying to determine the facts of the shooting and a possible motive, and it appears Kelly did not know the victim.

According to a dispatch report, the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office got a call at 2:40 pm. January 30 from U.S. Border Patrol officials relaying details of a “potential active shooter” in the area of Sagebrush Road.

Where Is George Alan Kelly Now? Charges And Bond Explored

George Alan Kelly, 73, was charged with first-degree murder concerning the killing of a man investigators suspect to be Gabriel Cuen-Butimea, 48, based on his Mexican voter registration card.

Cuen-body Butimea was discovered with one gunshot wound roughly 100 to 150 yards from Kelly’s residence on Jan. 30, according to the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office in Nogales, Arizona.

George Alan Kelly
 The crossing border (source: Thee Poch Times)

According to Nogales International, Kelly asked a judge to lessen his $1 million bond because his wife is now left to fend for herself on their shared cattle ranch. The judge denied Kelly’s motion.

“She’s there alone herself,” Kelly allegedly stated in court. “No one to look after her, the cattle, or the ranch, and I’m not leaving because I don’t have a million bucks.”

“Federal court documents reveal Cuen-Butimea has a history of unlawful border crossings and deportations in and around Nogales, with the most recent documented case being in 2016,” according to the Daily Mail.

Fox News Digital contacted the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday to validate the documents but did not get a response before publishing.

According to the Mail, Santa Cruz Chief Deputy Gerardo Castillo refused to comment on Cuen-immigration Butimea’s status, citing that it had not yet been established.

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