Freddie Highmore

Freddie Highmore’s sibling is Bertie Highmore, an English Actor, and Model. He is widely known for his work in the TV series Women Talking Dirty.

Bertie Highmore is generally known as the younger brother of Freddie Highmore, who is a well-known English Actor and Screenwriter.

He was raised in a family with a history in the entertainment industry. When he was seven years old, he made his acting debut in the comedy Women Talking Dirty.

Furthermore, in 2009, he and his sibling Bertie made their TV show debut. In this television program, they portray the roles of the siblings Sam and Col.

The real name of Freddie Highmore, the older brother of Bertie, is Alfred Thomas Highmore.

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Freddie Highmore Sibling: Meet Bertie Highmore

Bertie Highmore, an English actor and model, is best known for playing Col on his first TV show, Women Talking Dirty.

Bertie is generally known as Highmore’s younger brother and has made several TV appearances alongside him. 

Apart from acting, he works as an angel investor. He is presently working for Blue Wire Capital as an investment manager.

Alfred Highmore

Freddie and Bertie Highmore in Woman Talking Dirty (1999) (Source: Twitter)Bertie was born on February 8, 1995, in London. Bertie had an incredible bond with his parents, growing up with them in his hometown. He still bonds well with his parents, and hopefully, this will continue.

There has been a misunderstanding that the two brothers are twins; however, this is untrue. Although they both seem similar, Bertie is three years younger than Freddie.

Younger Highmore has maintained his privacy, despite his background, without becoming the center of attention.

Freddie Highmore Family: Parents Explored

Edward Highmore and Sue Latimer welcomed baby Freddie in London on February 14, 1992.

Freddie did not find it challenging to work in the film industry because he was born into a family with a rich cinematic background. With the help of his mother, he got into acting and was able to attend his first castings.

Freddie Highmore Sibling
Freddie Highmore with his parents (Source: Gossipgist)

We may say that he inherited his talent from his parents because his mother is a talent advice agent for numerous actors, and his Father was once a talented Actor.

Edward Highmore played in numerous movies like Doctor Who, Planet Of Fire, Howards Way, and many more.

Who is Freddie Highmore wife?

Freddie, 32 years old, is married to a web designer Brit Klarissa Munz.

Freddie Highmore sibling
Freddie Highmore and his wife (Source: The Look)

Highmore and his wife crossed paths while attending Cambridge and filming for Bates Motel, respectively.

On September 2021, they revealed that they secretly got married; however, they have kept their relationship out of the spotlight since then.

Highmore continues to hide his personal life as of right now. The public needs to be made aware of the details of his and his wife’s relationship since they avoid using social media.

Everyone has presumed that they both have excellent relationships and help one another when needed.

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Freddie Highmore Net Worth Details

Alfred Thomas, aka Freddie Highmore, ‘s net worth is $8 million. He started his career as a child in films like “Finding Neverland,” “Charlie And The Chocolate Factory,” and many more.

Freddie Highmore Sibling
Image of Actor Freddie Highmore (Source: UPI)

He has received numerous prizes over this period. Alfred’s big break came with the 2004 film “Finding Neverland,” for which he received the Best Young Performer Award.

After playing in many movies and series, he made his directorial debut with several “Bates Motel” episodes as his first project. In recent years, he has also enjoyed success as a screenwriter.

Highmore landed the lead position in “The Good Doctor” after playing another movie role in “The Journey.” He received a 2017 Golden Globe nomination for his work in this series.

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